This donut recipe has been sitting in my "like" Pinterest page for awhile. It boasts (the descriptoin of the Pin) that it's the original Krispy Kreme recipe which it is not. Not to say they're not delicious and that there isn't one left from the batch I made this morning. Well...we made.

The boy automatically pulls out a chair when he sees the big tub of flour come out. I've come to embrace it. It gets messy but I love seeing how into it he is.

I wanted to make something special this morning so I started the dough first thing. I liked what she said about this being an easy recipe and the tip on keeping the room well ventilated.

These donut holes were SO GOOD. I had the oil a little too hot so they browned really quickly but they still came out fine. The boys enjoyed them a lot. The outside had a light crispy texture and the inside was soft and slighty dense + chewy. That's what made it different from a Krispy Kreme donut.  Definitely keeping the recipe for future use.

* a few personl notes I used just under a 2 cups of flour which was perfect. I let the oil get too hot, may need to invest in a thermometer. This recipe made the perfect amount for 2 adults + 1 hungry toddler. I liked that it wasn't a recipe that would feed an army.


pin to action//chicken + dumplings

Tyler caught a nasty bug last Friday. I haven't seen my boy in this bad of shape since his surgery last year. Naturally his parents would catch the virus. After just recovering from the cold I had just a month ago, I saught out other remedies other than the usual hot tea with lemon and a healthy dose of Nyquil. I'm giving Zycam a try + so far it's working. Not expecting miracles...I know there's no actual cure for a cold but this so far is lessening the damage. I don't feel as bad but my head/nose is stuffy. I can live with that for now. It's the tiredness + body aches that get me.

Another usual cold fix is homemade soup. It's something I crave ever since my dad made me a batch of homemade chicken soup in the crock pot when I was sick. That hot brothy goodness warms your insides and for a moment, you forget how sh*tty you feel.

It doesn't take too much effort. Just throw a whole chicken in the crockpot with salt + pepper and some cut up veg. I used onion, carrots + celery. I also used a bullion cube + some water. I set it on high since I was in a hurry. My first intention was to make chicken noodle soup but then I felt like something a little more heartier. I craved chicken + dumplings. Not the usual Martha Stewart recipe I make though. I wanted a more authentic dumpling. I scoured Pinterest and came across this recipe. So easy to put together + so worth the extra step of rolling + cutting out dough for the dumplings.

After the chicken is done, I pulled it out and set it aside. Then I poured the broth through a fine mesh strainer. Homemade chicken broth. Done. I followed the recipe and used the cooked chicken instead of the rotisserie one. I loved that it was still somewhat brothy as opposed to super thick. We all enjoyed it cuddled up on the couch. So good + comforting. Seriously the best medicine.

What kind of things do you crave when you're down with the crud? xot