weekend desk

I had a lot of projects going on this weekend and felt the need to fit in some PL time. I always feel more inclined to catch up when a new month begins. Keeps me on track....I figure if I don't get more than a month behind, I'm ok. I started with the current week and now working my way back.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on my most recent Instagram post.  I think this is a really cute way to add these types of photos into your scrapbooking. I do this before deleting all them because who needs 20 photos of the top of your child's head.

Hope you had fabulous weekend full of good things. xot


Man, I love these moments. Things sort of came in focus for me over the weekend. Not all but a lot. And I got so much done creatively and when I say done, I mean I didn't run into a whole lot of walls which has been my biggest enemy this past month. Ideas flowed, pens sketched, hands got dirty. Why can't it be this way all the time? XOT

(Fox print // Sass&Peril)