I'm slowly recovering from this yucky head cold we all caught this past weekend. It started with Tyler, then to me, now to dad. Oy. It started out so innocently with a runny nose and has since turned into a full blown, body aching, nonstop sneezing cold. And of course this couldn't have come at the worst time but I suppose it's never a good time to come down with a bad cold is it?

Well, no matter how I'm feeling tomorrow, I will put on my happy face because we're heading out to the fair and I'm pretty excited about it. It's literally the same booths/events/food every year but now that we have Tyler, it's all new again. I'm pretty sure he'll love the animals the most but this year we get to do some kiddie rides. Pretty stoked about that.

Onto to the shop update news. I had hoped to have the Life.Love.Paper shop stocked by today but that wasn't going to happen. I thought about just throwing up the stamps but I'd really love to have more of a complete update so please bare with me as I pick myself up  from a sea of wadded up Kleenex and Ricola wrappers. I may also have a new digital release as well!

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Happy Monday! xot