girl loves friday

So much to love about today! The weekend before Christmas. Wow. I'm starting to feel that bit of excitement you feel as a kid. Does it ever go away? Be honest. I know we as adults get tend to get so caught up in all the negatives that surround the holidays. The over-crowded malls, the traffic, the "oh you bought me a gift...I thought we weren't doing gifts" routine, the gluten, the bills you're adding up in your head after each purchase, the coworker you predict will get so wasted at the Christmas party, they'll regret Monday morning. Everything that wants to kill your Christmas spirit(except for the last bit...that will actually be funny). I'm not giving into it this year. Especially the week before Christmas. That stint of bad luck has cleared from the beginning of the month. Going forward, it's nothing but yuletide goodness This week is the best week of December. *my mailbox will be riddled with Christmas cards and I will love every. single. one. * I will watch my favorite holiday movies...The Family Stone (I love this movie so much. This is my "me only" movie) Christmas Vacation (we watch this on Christmas eve late at night. The is "our" movie) Home Alone (this brings back so many memories) Micky's Christmas (old school cartoons. I miss these cartoons.) *I will wear my thermal pj's with colorful snowflakes and wear cozy slipper socks. *I will dress Tyler in equally warm and festive pj's *I will try but not succeed in getting Jeff to wear festive pj's (he's missing out) *I will drink more hot chocolate than one should. *I will miss my parents who will be on a cruise during Christmas. (It's good that their getting away.) *I will wrap gifts while singing along to Mariah Carry's Christmas. (in my head, I am Mariah Carry singing) *I will wear a pretty dress and attend the office Christmas party. *I will eat King Crab legs and drink a few Alaska Pale Ales. *I will so enjoy watching Tyler open up his first gift from Santa. *We will snuggle and be merry together and I will be so very happy and content in that moment.

Happy Friday. xot

***Ali Edwards Christmas Quote Strips***