weekend to dos

Hey! Just wanted to pop in to wish you all a happy weekend and jot down a few weekend to dos. Helps me get things done when they're printed out on my blog. This worked extremely well for me a few weekends ago. :)

*Finish editing my most recent Senior session. *Possibly attend birthday party.(pending sick toddler) *Get the digital shop ready for the September release!(love the cut files this month) *Finish a mini book I created with Central High. *Screen Print new designs.(oversized Ampersand + gold paint on chipboard = new obsession) *Update the Life.Love.Paper shop.(everything is just about sold out!) *Plan weekly menu, add new recipes. *Clean out closet, possibly buy a few items for fall. *Take Tyler to new park to watch dad shoot a few hoops.(pending sick dad) *Plan for numerous upcoming birthdays. *Handwrite a letter to my grandpa. *Get excited about Tyler's second fair visit!

Enjoy the weekend! xot

Meagan Class of 2012. Anchorage Senior Photographer

I loved working with Meagan. Kind of a dream cleint. Open to anything & not afraid to get dirty. I couldn't wait to go through and edit her shots.

These are the type of sessions I've been wanting. I'm so glad I made the decision to re-evalute my photography business. Doing so has changed Life.Love.Paper in so many ways. I'll talk more on that later and will also include my gear as I've received several questions about it.



Fall is such a short season here. Maybe that's why I appreciate every cool, crisp day and why I find it so inspiring. The changing leaves initiates change in myself and my home. I especially want to redecorate with rich tones. I had my heart set on this Missoni blanket that sold out in a millisecond. I'll just have to find those colors elsewhere because I am not crazy enough to bid on it via Ebay. I'm astonished that there is an influx of Missoni on Ebay. Is that where all the merchandise went? Pisses me off. I want to bake everything pumpkin. I found my next pin to action recipe that I had planned on making tonight but found I was out of butter. Travesty I tell you...that I'm out of butter. I'm never out of butter. I want to craft pretty things. Things I've never desired to craft before. I actually made somewhat of a banner. I plan on making a few more of these and clustering them together to make a chandelier. I can't promise that will actually happen but my intentions are good. I used these notions and the perfect paper to accompany a fall project...Studio Calico's Autumn Press. Add a couple of punches, some thread and a needle and voila. Fall banner. I want to tuck in and watch movie after movie. Jeff and I use to do this pre-Tyler. We're lucky to get 1 movie in and I'm ok with that. I want to wear sweaters and boots. Wait...I want to wear those all year round. It's just more acceptable now. I want to photograph every client in the woods. Aahhh...the amazing fall bokeh is to die for.

So yeah..I'm really into fall right now. Happy Friday!!! xot.

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