in my bag.

I should compare this image with the one I took a few years ago. Gone are the days of carrying my beloved Coach satchel. Now it's this SkipHop diaper bag I purchased from Target. I received a really pretty Putina Picklebottom bag for my shower but it's a little too big for everyday errands.

Looking at this, I wonder how many types of wipes I really need. I can probably get rid of the paci ones and the paci as he never really takes it. Wet ones and baby wipes are a  must. I fell in love with the Johnson & Johnson facial wipes for their pretty sent and it's gentle on Tyler's skin unlike normal baby wipes that have made him break out. I like to use them to freshen him up before we visit friends or family. Everyone always comments on how good he smells. I've use the Mustela ones but I like the scent on these better. (and the price)

I've found that keeping a separate smaller pouch with a few diapers, cream and wipes comes in handy. I grab this when I need to do a quick diaper change at a friend's house or if I need to send Jeff off to give him a change.

I'm a huge fan of MumMums and the Happytots food bags and never leave the house without one or the other, especially when we go shopping/errand running. I love that the Happytots is all organic and little if no sodium. Because of Tyler's dilated kidney, we do keep a close eye on his sodium intake. Either way, I think it's a good idea to not feed him foods that have unnecessary sodium amounts. I've never paid so much attention to the food labels until now. I make the majority of his food but I do like to have some prepared foods on hand. I highly recommend the Sprout line of baby foods. Tyler can attest to that. He loves the beef lasagna and the ginger chicken.

I'd love to see what you all are carrying in your bags/purse right now! What do you find essential to carry with you on a daily basis?