girl loves friday (& a boudoir peek)

We love our fridays in these parts.
As do many of you I'm sure. 
My morning started out with a laugh. I feel kind of bad but I scared the poop out of my husband while he was sleeping. I'm still snickering about it. 
My coffee was extra delicious. I wish this particular barista would work the morning shift everyday. She makes nonfat milk tastes sinful.
The combination of a good belly laugh and tasty coffee put a pep in my step as I walked gleefully in the office. My coworker even noticed my more perkier attitude.
What can I say? Friday and I are besties.  

Going to keep this post short and sweet.

The one web love I have today is the Lara Casey project which has lit a massive bonfire under my big "just had a baby" bootie. Lara-cAsey-challenge-1I needed this more than anything right now and I'm in it all the way. I just completed step 1 and moving forth to step 2. I just blogged about being overwhelmed and I know mental clutter is the biggest culprit.  

A quick peek from the boudoir session which I'm still plugging away on.

Happy Friday!