Still trying to get the blog updated. It's driving me a little mad and if I could afford to pay someone to do this, I would. But alas, I'm attempting to learn a little about css code and I have zero desire to. I'm sure it'll come together eventually. I wanted to have it all cleaned up before the next shop update but I'm anxious to release this I LOVE FALL download. ETA should be sometime tomorrow. :)

Photography sidenote: I played with a 24-70 this weekend. A photographer friend lent it to me for a couple of sessions that were suppose to happen this weekend. Unfortunately with the bad weather, they were rescheduled. So I took it out back while the man and boy raked the leaves. I had shot with a 24-70 awhile ago for a wedding and liked the results but I didn't really get a chance to "play" and experiment. One reservation I had with this lens was the bokeh factor. I love an out of focus background. That's why I mostly stick to primes. The above shot was taken with the 24-70 and it's currently one of my faves. And now I'm wanting one of my own of course. I'm even thinking about selling my 80 1.8 and Lensbaby. If you're interested in either, you can email me at