Still trying to get the blog updated. It's driving me a little mad and if I could afford to pay someone to do this, I would. But alas, I'm attempting to learn a little about css code and I have zero desire to. I'm sure it'll come together eventually. I wanted to have it all cleaned up before the next shop update but I'm anxious to release this I LOVE FALL download. ETA should be sometime tomorrow. :)

Photography sidenote: I played with a 24-70 this weekend. A photographer friend lent it to me for a couple of sessions that were suppose to happen this weekend. Unfortunately with the bad weather, they were rescheduled. So I took it out back while the man and boy raked the leaves. I had shot with a 24-70 awhile ago for a wedding and liked the results but I didn't really get a chance to "play" and experiment. One reservation I had with this lens was the bokeh factor. I love an out of focus background. That's why I mostly stick to primes. The above shot was taken with the 24-70 and it's currently one of my faves. And now I'm wanting one of my own of course. I'm even thinking about selling my 80 1.8 and Lensbaby. If you're interested in either, you can email me at


Girl Loves Friday & Fall

Love the idea of pairing a black maxi dress with neutral wrap. Just not sure if I can pull it off like a 6 foot model//Dipping fall leaves in wax....genius!

And something exciting (for me at least). A new Life.Love.Paper digital screen print release. Total labor of love...hand illustrated leaves, notebook paper and woodgrain with a a hint of texture to give that screen print feel. All the things I love the most. Just putting the final touches on them and will have them up for sale this weekend. If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, you'll be the first to know when it's released.

Happy Friday! XOT


Remember when I was going to go cool for Halloween? Didn't happen. I ended up going cute with this monkey suit purchased at Target.The monkey is a pretty significant animal in Tyler's life. His favorite book? 5 Silly Monkeys. The binding is hanging on by a thread and we read it to him at least 3 times a day. One of two lovies is his stuffed monkey. He rubs this monkeys paw against his face when we lay him in bed at night to sleep. It's so cute to watch. So I had to go for the monkey suit when I saw it hanging on the rack. No trick or treating for us though. It's snowing like crazy tonight. We're chillin', watching Halloween cartoon specials and waiting for the few trick or treaters we get. (also eating a fair share of Bottlecaps).


girl loves friday cont.

Reasons why I love today. I took a personal day. My little buddy/Ty's cousin stayed over last night. We made cookies and stayed up late watching Megamind. I got to wake up to my baby and my girl both in their snuggy flannel pjs. I soaked in some awesome fall "golden hour" photos. in the process of editing those now. I scouted locations for tomorrow's senior session. I purged even more scrapbook supplies. I'm talking Basic Grey circa 2005. Felt really good. I made a pot of my favorite sausage corn chowder. Jeff and I have an exciting Friday night planned. Couch+snuggly new throw blanket+Boardwalk+Bridesmaids+sleeping boy=good times. Happy Friday. Tina


Fall is such a short season here. Maybe that's why I appreciate every cool, crisp day and why I find it so inspiring. The changing leaves initiates change in myself and my home. I especially want to redecorate with rich tones. I had my heart set on this Missoni blanket that sold out in a millisecond. I'll just have to find those colors elsewhere because I am not crazy enough to bid on it via Ebay. I'm astonished that there is an influx of Missoni on Ebay. Is that where all the merchandise went? Pisses me off. I want to bake everything pumpkin. I found my next pin to action recipe that I had planned on making tonight but found I was out of butter. Travesty I tell you...that I'm out of butter. I'm never out of butter. I want to craft pretty things. Things I've never desired to craft before. I actually made somewhat of a banner. I plan on making a few more of these and clustering them together to make a chandelier. I can't promise that will actually happen but my intentions are good. I used these notions and the perfect paper to accompany a fall project...Studio Calico's Autumn Press. Add a couple of punches, some thread and a needle and voila. Fall banner. I want to tuck in and watch movie after movie. Jeff and I use to do this pre-Tyler. We're lucky to get 1 movie in and I'm ok with that. I want to wear sweaters and boots. Wait...I want to wear those all year round. It's just more acceptable now. I want to photograph every client in the woods. Aahhh...the amazing fall bokeh is to die for.

So yeah..I'm really into fall right now. Happy Friday!!! xot.

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