Happy Friday!

I've been working on my beginning pages for PL14 this past week. It's been nice to leave my book open and add in things here and there as I walk by my table. That's something I think I'll do differently this year, not put it away where it's out of site out of mind. Keeping with the managble size of the 6x8 Handbook makes this doable in my household. Still working on our dining room table. Should just call it what it is at this point.

End of week Currents// time: 6:20am weather: 27 degrees. Hubby says it's almost like summer. ha.ha. drinking: coffee, black. not on purpose...ran out of creamer. not bad though. eating: nibbling on these muffins I made last night. thinking: of the tasks that need to be done today wondering: if I can sneak in some thrifting today. loving: waking up to my son snuggled against my body. He's been sneaking into our bed a few hours before we wake up. loathing: constantly forgetting things like said creamer. I was just at the store!! enjoying: FRIDAY possiblities. making: week 1 of my PL, some script work for Kal's upcoming class, next LLP print pack

Happy Friday! xot

*the calendar page is by Jasmine Dowling. It's a FREE download. You can find it here





In order to not fall too behind on my PL, I decided to work backwards. The idea of starting where I left off was in no way motivating. So I started where I wanted which was June. I indulged in nothing but PL for a whole weekend. So nice. And now I'm starting in on July and will go back to April + May when I get around to it. Not going to sweat it.