I love this so so much. It speaks volumes to me and it pretty much hits the target at what I want to accomplish with my blog.

I have been blessed this past year with creative friends. I can't tell you how helpful + inspiring it is to be able to talk/iMessage/Skype with other creatives in all fields from graphic + digital designers to photographers. To share ideas and goals with another who is trying to do's empowering. It makes me feel like I can do this AND be successful.

I want to give this back to all of you. I will continue to have a monthly freebie such as the cut design I did for the New Year. I will feature more ideas and journaling prompts and revive CURRENTS. I will not only link with love but GIVE CREDIT WITH LOVE. I'm inspired on a daily basis from others and I want to make sure I share that with you.

I believe in quality over quantity so that steered me away from posting random crap here on a daily basis. But now that I have a focus, I'll be more present.

Happy Friday XOT