Make it Work + October SC Layouts

Roller Rink was really fun to play with this month. I think I finished 3 layouts the first day I opened the kit. That's pretty good for me. My 2 favorite layouts contain cut designs that I thought were really cool this month. The Stencil Tags + For Like Ever. The Curious Chevron is cool too but I messed up the layout I had used that design on. Maybe I'll be able to rescue it in the future. You know when you go to mist and you think you're aiming it the right way and ends up spraying in a total different direction. Yeah, that's what happened with that layout. I kept misting thinking I could fix it but ended up looking like a hot mess.

I've had a couple requests to bring back the Make It Work feature here. It's something I do every month with my layouts anyway. I'll just have to remember to photograph the process to show how exactly I made it work. This installment is all about those leftover strips of paper you get when you cut your 12x12 down to 8.5 x 11. I get lot's of those since I only scrapbook in that size. I usually stash them and or cut them up. A lot of times I make quick little cards or tags to adhere to birthday gifts. That's what I've done below.

Simple. I created these after my layouts were completed. I'm seeing all these great pieces and embellishments from my add ons and thinking I need to use these. Otherwise they'll go in a box and I won't think about them again. Here are some other cards I created with the "leftovers".

My favorite card was created by inking a repeating pattern with the "Seriously, everything will be ok" stamp. It really looks like a letterpress card up close.

Here's a list of supplies I used this month: Roller Rink Main Kit Add on #1 Add on #2 Add on #3 Add on # For Like Ever cut design Stencil Tag cut design Printable #1 Printable #2 XOT