Thankful + full.

I'm nursing a bit of a belly ache this morning. I ate more than my share of side dishes + pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was quiet for us this year which was actually quite welcome for us. Enjoying each other, watching football, cooking, even snuck in a little creative was really a great day. So many things to be grateful for, things that need to be acknowledge throughout the year rather than just a day. Something I need to remind myself of daily, especially when I think things couldn't get any worse because they certainly can. Or when I think I need more than what I have or what I can afford. I have to remember that we have a home to keep us warm and safe, food in our stomachs to keep us nourished, vehicles that get us from here to there and most importantly, each other. Yes, all that sappy stuff you say you're thankful for when it's holidays, right? Some other things I'm thankful for.

Having a creative outlet whether it's scrapbooking, photography, screen printing, or designing. I'm thankful that I can make time for those things. I wouldn't be complete if I couldn't be creative in one form or another.

Companies that truly offer free shipping to Alaska. THANK YOU for not charging me an arm and a leg. (,,

I'm thankful that I have laugh lines. Yep, wrinkles. Why? Because it's a constant reminder that I have laughed more in my lifetime than frowned. Wrinkles are inevitable, no matter how much cream I slather on my face. If I'm going to have them, they better be signs of a good life.

I can now say that I fit my old, pre-baby jeans. That feeling Miranda had when she pulled out her skinny jeans and was able to zip them up....I get that feeling now.

Other silly things include the invention of the DVR + Demand. I wouldn't be able to watch any of my shows.  Greek yogurt, loose fitting shirts that cover the right amount of butt when wearing skinny jeans, fingerless mittens, Macbook Pro, Instagram, 50 Shades, Washi tape + Twine, quiet time alone, inappropriate conversations, my camera, eskimo kisses, dancing to yo gabba, that first cup of coffee in then morning, + cyber monday.

Whew. I could go on but I need to get the day started. Before I sign off, I wanted to show a quick layout I did for my Handbook album. It's a 6x8 layout, the first layout I've done in this size and I'm really feeling it. Nice to take a break from the usual 8 1/2 x11. I used stamps from 2 sets of rubber stamps that will only be available TODAY at Studio Calico.

 (supplies: Noah outline stamp, New Year stamp, white chalk ink, Today Handbook)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now it's time for the mad rush, right? Oy. XOT