card winners!

this girl loves cupcakes!

Hello! (I'm a lurker, but follow your blog in Google Reader) I enjoy your photos so very much...Thanks for the opportunity to win a collage of them!

good morning.

121608 001 
I decided to extend the give away until tonight. I certainly could have used at least another 4-5 hours yesterday so I do apologize for not getting around to choosing last night.

I wasn't around for the SC reveal Saturday night and I heard it was quite eventful. The gallery is amazing. These girls never cease to amaze me.
Here are my layouts from the March gallery.

Thinking of you 
This kit was so much fun. Unfortunately the main kit is sold out but the is extra paper from both the add ons and the main kit as well as Wedding Ring & Patchwork add ons are still available. 
I'll shall return tonight with the card winners!

oh joy...another monday.

I'll be back later this week with girl loves and updates. Just not feeling the blog lately. I seriously need an banner, new buttons. It kind of feels like that day you throw on an outfit you are so sick of but there's nothing else to wear but you know you just afford to go and buy pretty things right now. And it's not just about low fundage but being in between seasons. Spring could not come fast enough at this point. I'm so ready to chuck my Uggs for pretty flats.

girl leaves heart in Seattle.


I had pondered the thought of taking a side trip to Seattle on my way back from CHA.
I decided against it as I wasn't keen on the idea of wondering around by myself.
But as I was crunched between 2 other passengers on a full flight to Seattle, I thought, what the hell.
1. I'm not ready to go home yet.
2. I'm here, why not stay a few days.
I immediately got off the plane and headed to the very kind lady behind the AK Air kiosk and changed my flight back home and kept my fingers crossed that I was able to get the one piece of luggage I had checked off the flight to Alaska.
I was fully prepared to do without it but thank the travel gods....they managed to get my luggage off the flight.
Took a cab downtown, checked in to the Mayflower, showered off the ucky plane germs, ordered room service, snuggled in bed and called my sweetie. Wished he could have been there with me. We always have so much fun when we're in Seattle and to this day we throw around the idea of moving there. Of course we've been talking about it for years now.
Why do I love Seattle so much?
There are too many reasons but the biggest one is that I just feel like I'm home.
As much as I like living in Anchorage, I've never feel settled.
To this day, the home that I've been living in for almost 10 years is still not really decorated.
I always feel ready to pick up and leave. This surely stems from growing up a military brat and relocating every few years.
The sole factor that makes me stay up here is family. Not only because my father and in laws are up here but if I were to ever get pregnant, I would want to raise my child here. I would want my child to grow up with his or her grandparents because he or she deserves that. I was blessed to be close enough to my grandparents as a child and I will forever be grateful for that. 
So here I am again, planning for an unknown future.
Oh, before I post photos from my trip, I have to gloat a little bit. Several months ago, I received an email from the editor of Artful Blogging. I was stunned that I would be featured in this very beautifully put together publication. I was super nervous about actually writing my own article but I wrote it like a blog entry so hopefully those who read it will enjoy it and not bash my writing style if I do have a writing style.
You can a copy at your local bookstore. I know our Barnes & Noble and Borders carries it.
CVR_BLG0210_xlg I made the cover! 
now for seattle sites.
4338294872_d3982f1e78_b and she's off!
first stop, Pikes Place for breakfast. I love eating Lowells. It's exactly what breakfast should and GOOD.
4323649849_cc68cb0da5_o tulips were everywhere!
4320667121_a45c62b478_b 4324386104_9a76dcb06b_o 4320663721_c4e1347bdb_b 4342104395_b8fda6c9df_b
4342109475_61c16d9f89_b 4342839388_a00121782e_b 4342847252_1a031a4eca_b 4342840558_711f2f6808_b
the end.
(all photos taken with Canon Xti and Polaroid SX 70)
happy wednesday! 

you are done yet?

I know, I're probably inundated with CHA photos and news. I got it.
I'm just about done myself and this should be my last post on the subject.

Here are some not so great polaroids that I was able to sneak in during CHA. **note, lighting inside the convention center was horrid for mr land. hence, the yellow tint of the polaroids**
4323649267_a66c515ebb_oPretty fascinated by the white paper sculpture outside of the "no photo zone" Anna Griffin booth. Jamaica took an awesome photo with her Instax dubbed the "yeti".  I was a tad jealous and not want an yeti of my own. Maybe after I pay off the Mark II I just purchased. I did enter a chance to win one here.
from tallest to shortest, Jamaica, Jen & Vee. Half of my Dare girls. A little bummed that we didn't get a photo of all of us. What kind of photo documenter am I?
4324385834_240163ba4e_o 4323650095_ddff465e73_oI'm not a knitter. I have about 4 semi finished scarves and 1 baby bootie. Yes, 1, not a pair. But after seeing the Lions Brand display as well as the new line from Stitch N' Bitch creator, Debbie Stoller not to mention the excitement Jen had after seeing said yarn made me want to pick up a pair of needles and knit something. 
4323649187_55d6286a09_o Luggage display at the Tim Holtz booth.
4324386202_a3458da340_o American Crafts Markers. 
That's the end of my journey to Anaheim!

Girl leaves on a jet plane.

3167309135_12380297eb_oI'm off! 
Let's hope Cali gets some sunshine this weekend. Oh does this girl need it.
If you're going to CHA, be sure to visit us at the Studio Calico booth!
I'll also be spending a few hours in Seattle on my way back. If you're in the area and want to walk around downtown with a camera, email me at

Happy weekend!

oh, almost forgot....some February peeks....

blog construction

As you can see, I've made an attempt at updating my very neglected blog.
Still like to keep things clean and simple but I'm still wanting to create some nifty buttons for my typelists.
And still working on a banner. Not easy.

The weekend was fab. Oh btw, I should mention that I am booked for the freebie photo shoots but don't fret! I will be fully operational by early spring with a great portfolio and affordable pricing. Mmmm...summertime in Alaska should be awesome!
Ok, back to the weekend. I successfully backed Pioneer Woman's infamous cinnamon rolls. I did cut the recipe in half since it was my first go. I really didn't want 50 uneatable rolls. Working with yeast scares me. I had a bad experience years ago when I used the bread machine we got as a wedding gift. I can't even describe to you how my first loaf of bread turned out. Hadn't worked with yeast since. But alas! They turned out to be very tasty and comforting iced in lot's of maple icing. I ended up freezing the other pan for later.
This wasn't a "healthy eats" kind of weekend at all. In addition to gooey cinnamon rolls, I made the best meat sauce I've ever made. I'm not a huge red meat eater but sometimes I crave a nice meaty tomato sauce for pasta. I did it in the slow cooker just to save some time later that evening. That accompanied by yet another PW recipe, Olive Bread. OMG. OMG. I could have just eaten the bread for dinner. 
The day before was potato skins, & beer. Come on, it's football food. How does one eat healthy during a game? Can't be done I tell ya. 4263819201_a97c248fa4_o
So here I am this cold Monday morning, pants feeling a little snug around the mid-section, entering in my Venti NF Latte into my "Get Fit" app, and thinking a nice crunchy salad would be nice for lunch.

Ah, monday.

girl finds uplifting quote and motivation through commments and emails.

It's all about respect this year. Respecting my goals, respecting myself, respecting others, respecting change and the unknown.

Thank you thank you thank you for all year sweet comments and emails. It's nice to know I have little virtual army nudging me ever so gently towards postive thinking.
How fitting is this quote for me right now?

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue.  Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is, to live everything.  Live the questions now.  Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it, and live along some distant day into the answer.  ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

and a lovely collage of photos to go with this wonderful quote, all of which are from my Flickr contacts.
Things I love thursday it's a feeling
1. <a href="">pom pom girl</a>, 2. <a href="">Anything is possible</a>, 3. <a href="">Untitled</a>, 4. <a href="">Untitled</a>

Happy Thursday,

oh boy.

I am so utterly distracted right now it's not even funny.
I cannot seem to concentrate on any one thing.
I cannot seem to finish writing emails that are piling up in my draft box.
I cannot finish a blog post.
I cannot finish any scrap layouts or projects.
I cannot concentrate on my work and my in box is quickly piling up.
I just can't.

Not that anything major or bad has happened to make me feel this way.
Just the norm...will I ever get pregnant? Should we adopt? Should I invest in my future as a photographer? Should I find another job? Will I ever rip up the nasty carpet and install new flooring? When will we remodel the bathroom? Will the bank refinance my car? Should I get a new car?
This is just a handful of subjects swimming in my aching head. Oh yeah, I woke up with a migraine. Again.

What I can and will do is...
..not apologize for neglecting my blog or emails.
..take 2 Aleve and pray that throbbing settles down.
..clean my scraproom and print out all the pretty pictures I have taken over Christmas.
..quit making excuses.
..put away the laundry hanging from my treadmill and briskly walk for 45mins.
..stop worrying about money but still be mindful of what we spend.
..cut back on Starbucks.
..always be hopeful.
..always be honest.
..take chances.
..invest in me.

girl slowly finds her way though piles of wadded up christmas wrapping.

Webco party edited
Christmas 09  was fabulous. But I am glad it's over. I'm so done with the holidays it's not even funny.
What I am looking forward to is the New Year. Lot's planned. This is the quote that has lit a fire under my ever growing booty due to the fact that I've been noshing on cheese and chocolate for the past week.

"and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ....Anais Nin

So yes, this is my attempt to catch up. More later.

tis the season

I've settle into my favorite red chair, wrapped in a blanket (no, it's not a snuggie although I wish I had one right about now) and watching The Family Stone.
Love this movie, one of my holiday favs. Dad's taking family photos with a Hass? Why have I never noticed that before?
Anyway, since I can't watch a movie and not do something else, I'm playing a little catch up on my favorite blogs and photos on Flickr. Still seriously considering the baby portrait thing. The idea of quitting my full time job as an office drone makes me happy. Like the kind of happiness I dream of.
How sane is it to quit a job with health benefits in this economy? Or am I just using the economy as an excuse to not go after a dream? I've wanted to do and be many things since I was a child and they all involved creative freedom. There will be no quitting of jobs just yet. I'm not a fly off the seat of her pants kind of gal. I'm a habitual planner. Nothing ever goes according to plan or maybe on that rare occasion it does but I still need plan or a guideline or a map of sorts. Something that points in some kind of direction.
don't mean to bore you with my random "girl questions job...again" spiel. 
let's leave off with some things that inspire me.

a photographers wedding.
photographers stance is a beautiful gown. j'adore.

this quote.
this illustration.

those little tidbits make me so happy. so does luke wilson's character.

happy sunday and a few more photos from me. :)

121909 039
(boohoo, a broken vintage ornament)
Don't forget about my holiday special this week! See below for details.

let's catch up.

let's start with Thanksgiving.
successfully baked 3 pies. A pumpkin for my brother, pecan for my dad and this one for my in laws. Thanksgiving was as it should be. A gathering of family and friends, sharing a good meal and reminiscing about the past. All in all, a good time.

instead of fighting aggressive shoppers on black friday, I opted to go ice fishing with my dad and nephew.
Ice fishing
as you can see from the photo on the right, I was a tad grossed out by the sliminess of my catch.
besides that minor detail, I had a great time fishing in the snow on a frozen lake stocked with rainbow trout. It was quiet and peaceful. It took patience to sit on top of a bucket with a small pole and watching to see if my bobbin started to duck in and out of the water. I needed some fresh air and the excitement of learning something new. I definitely look forward to going again. **note to self, must find chicer snowsuit.**

Saturday was my "black friday". I was happy there were still a lot of good sales to be shopped. Found back up dress for holiday party, back up dress now first choice. Also found perfect shade of red lipstick at Mac counter, now to find a little bravado to wear said lipstick to party. I'm sure once it's on, my inner beyonce will shine. Have you seen that new video with lady gaga? maybe I can also channel her moves when I hit the dance floor. Maybe not.

The rest of the weekend went accordingly and I'm so glad for the extended time off.
Now it's ready set go for Christmas.
House, decorated.
Tree, trimmed...minus a tree topper.
Gifts, about half way completed.
Cards, just now thinking about it.

ok, this is getting to be quite long and I've got a full dvr that needs to be emptied.

Dare 153
all items are from SC's new Home Front line. 

This months project kit.

30 Days of Christmas: Dec 2 (a different project I'm doing along with my Daily December)
a little prettiness on my kitchen window sill.

until Friday,

girl is thankful.

a quick post to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
I hope you enjoy your holiday with the one's you love.
be safe and patient durring the shopping hustle on Friday!
leaving off with a few photos from this past weekend.

be thankful.



home to me right now (unrelated to the layout above) is my old red chair I picked up years ago at a garage sale.
my intention was so reupholster it but never happened.
it clashes with everything but I don't really care.
it's comfortable, perfect for reading and surfing the net.

Studio Calico is sharing part of their home with you by sponsoring a giveaway of their brand new line, Home Front.  Imagine June Cleaver styled 1950s domestic bliss.  Featuring optimistic colors and smooth vintage inspired patterns.  You’ll find fresh stained wood grain, retro home décor, an exclusive SC cardstock alpha set, and much more.  Home Front is versatile, colorful, and beautiful (can we say that?)….I think you’ll love it.
To win this collection, simply leave a comment on what home means to you and to increase your chances, visit the rest of the design team below.

April Foster
Celine Navarro
Davinie Fiero
Emily Pitts
Jenn Olson
Joy Madison
Kelly Noel
Lisa Truesdell
Maggie Holmes
Nicole Samuels
Nicole Harper
Stephanie Howell

I will announce my winner on Wednesday morning.
Good Luck!


111409 079 


photos actually taken saturday but you get the idea. same cozy mood.
today will be dedicated to laundry, SC December, my Holiday packs, and a few phone calls.
stay tuned. starting at midnight the SC DT will hold a give away for 1 Home Front kit.
be sure to check back in!

enjoy your sunday.

random thoughts of the day

Freddie Frakelmayer from The City eerily reminds me of Christian Bale's American Pshyco character. I cannot be the only one who thinks this.

wondering if it is possible to tan "safely". can you wear SPF in a tanning booth? thoughts?

coming to terms with the idea that I may be putting Polaroid to rest for awhile. why? because film is getting scarce and I'm not longer willing to pay an arm and a leg to some dude on Ebay who went to Target and bought out every single box of film when it went on clearance.

a little ticked off that HBO took the second season of True Blood off Demand. maybe this means the dvd set will come out soon. this could be a good thing.

trying to get my exercise high back but all I want to do is melt into the couch when I get home from work. will I ever be happy with my weight?

why have they not come up with non-fat eggnog? I tried cutting mine back with skim milk at starbucks but it's still loaded with calories and fat. suuuuucks. I so do love creamy frothy eggnog lattes.

anxiously awaiting for my film to be developed. 35mm may be my film fix until polaroid comes around again.

that's all.

girl is MacGyver of baking.

Our first snowfall! It's pretty. I would so much rather be at home to admire it rather than being here at work.
My post title refers to my little baking fiasco over the weekend. My father came to visit from the valley and I didn't want him to leave empty handed. I had recently come across this recipe. I'm always on the look out for recipes that have bananas as I always seem to have speckled naners on the counter.
I scanned the recipe ingredients and thought I had everything.
Mixed dry ingredients, set aside. Start in on the wet when I realize all the peanut butter had been used by my husband's pb&j addiction the week before. Also, no chocolate chips which I also thought I had. Nope, they had been eaten as well by said husband. Oats? no oats. I just remembered I threw those away because it had gone outdated. Great. Ok, time to improvise. I had Nutella. Thought that could replace not only the peanut butter but the chocolate. I had 3 small packets of regular instant oatmeal. Ok, I thought, this could work.
It wasn't my best baking masterpiece. 
It needed something more so I added some cream cheese frosting. That always makes everything taste better and it did somewhat. Again, not my best. Certainly not as good as the pumpkin cupcakes I made several weeks ago. So yes, I consider myself the Macyver of baking. Just doesn't always end up so positively.
Oh yeah, I was also out of cupcake liners so I had to dig up some Christmas one's.

Other than that, my weekend was great. We didn't get the sunshine we wanted but I had enough light to get some indoor shots.
Dinner was so good. Jeff had made reservations beforehand and mentioned it was out anniversary. We came up to our table and it was decorated in rose petals. An "aaww" moment. Even the chef came out to wish us a happy anniversary which was nice. My filet mignon was cooked to perfection. I'm funny about beef. If it's too chewy, I get turned off but my filet was like butter. delish. My absolute fav is the crab and artichoke dip. uuuhhh..I could eat it by the spoonful. girl had no shame polishing that off.
(date 50mm 1.4, manual)
I put a few of my calendars up over the weekend and they went quickly which was a pleasant surprise. I'll have more up through out the week. I'm working on some Holiday goods. Hopefully I'll have those up in the shop by the end of the week.

happy monday! 


girl is alive and well.

last week was sort of a blur, most of which was spent in bed.
but just as I predicted, rejuvenation did occur in the most fabulous way.
I joked with my husband that I was like the wolverine and would heal within a day or 2. so not true but I think I got off pretty easy with my cold lasting less than a week.
Halloween was quiet for us considering the man and I were both still recovering. We spent then night watching season one of True Blood and Jeepers Creepers 2 which was freaky. Trick or Treat was probably the best scary movie I've seen this Halloween season.
I felt pretty damn good Sunday morning and with the extra hour gained, I accomplished a helluva lot.
My main mission was to sanitize the house and air it out. Felt so much better at the end of the day when my home was in order and smelling fresh. It's a calming feeling and certainly welcoming after a yucky week of constant sneezing and coughing.
so let's catch up a bit.
I went ahead and updated my Studio Calicogallery with my newest layouts but here are my favs.
102309 002
Looks like the main kit and street fair add on is still available in the shop.
I will be updating the lifelovepaper shop throughout the week with new prints and holiday goods.
I also just got a proof of my 2009 calendar and I think you're going to like it! I had them printed on heavy pearl cardstock and I'm so glad I did. It gives the polaroid image such great dimension. The calendar will measure 5x7 on 12 separate cards, unbound. I'll show options on how to display later this week.
As far as the holidays go, I will have some greeting cards as well as a "girl loves holiday" limited edition pack. Some what similar to the "girl loves fall" pack. Fun stuff.

And can you believe it the start of polaroid week! so excited! I only wish film was more readily available but don't we all wish for that? hmph.

constructed my december daily over the weekend as well. 
may title it something else just to be different. 

ah monday....I can't hate on you today. I'm just thankful I'm 100% again. Maybe even better. 

girl loves cozy bed and vicks vaporub

no girl loves friday today as I am trying to find my way out of a sea of wadded up tissues not to mention the thick haze in my head from all the cold medicines. I would rather say the sickness caught me rather than me catching the sickness. It was inevitable with everyone else being sick around me.

Good thing is I think I'm near the end. And I always feel a sense of rejuvenation afterwords so I'm looking forward to that.

I'll post my scrappies from November this weekend. I'm already out of energy just writing these few sentences.

Have a great weekend! oh and Happy Halloween!