We enjoyed a pretty chill weekend. The only time we headed out was to purchase the little guy a better snowsuit so we could stay outside longer. Best purchase of the winter thus far besides the sled. Lot's of coffee drinking, some scrapbooking, playing in the snow. The big difference from this winter and all the winters from here on out is that I cannot fall into my snow coma where I live in my sweats, watch endless amounts of television and sleep to my hearts content. Oh man, how I miss the extra sleep. Having a kid, I'm learning is all about keeping active even when it's cold and dark out and I want to do nothing more than catch up on Grey's. Or play with paper uninterrupted until my eyes burn from creative exhaustion. Part of me misses all of that, not going to lie. This is the part where I say "it's all worth it" because it is...really it is. The balance, the sacrifice, the self evolvement. I feel way more creative than I ever have and I know that's because my time with paper and scissors is limited. I feel more alive being outside breathing in the icy cold air rather than the stale indoor air. (this is HUGE for me as I am a self proclaimed homebody) Naps are few and far between but it's all good. Being tired is second nature to me now. :) And now my blogging time is coming to an end, the boy should be up from his afternoon nap any minute now. Thanks for reading.



  The Gifted mag is up and it is beautiful. I found quite a few things that I put on my own list. Like this arrow ring? Love. Kind of obsessed with arrows at the moment.

Since I am a proud sponsor of this years Gifted, I would like to extend a special shop offer. Purchase a 2012 Polaroid calendar by midnight, Monday the 14th and receive a free 3x3 flat Polaroid card.

No promo codes or anything. Simply purchase a calendar and your will automattically recieve one of these cute Holiday cards.



loving: Tyler's first time in the snow. He had a blast. Just need to get a proper snowsuit.

Watching: Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Kind of addicted now. Eating: oatmeal with blueberries. Drinking: OJ Thinking: only a few more things to cross off my to do list for the week. Feeling:  relaxed. Needing: some insight on a big decision. Wondering: how much snow is going to fall tonight. not going to be a fun drive to work in the morning.


make it work.

 There's always that one item in a kit that I like but don't know how to use. Sometimes I dismiss it, most times I make it work for me. Deconstructing embellishments is something I enjoy, especially flowers. It's easy to to snip a few petals and make something completely different. Another technique I'm loving is the effortless ink drops. Just unscrew the cap from your Mister Huey, tap off excess ink and fling onto paper.  Again, I'm making it work. Atmosphere was a hard color to work with....I don't do well with darker shades. Now, it's made it into my go to Misters that I keep in my faves box. Here are the other layouts I did with rest of November kit + ad ons. Cutterbees where my workhorse this month. I don't know what I'd do without them.


ps. If you'd like to pin my layouts individually, please visit my Studio Calico gallery. :)



Time: 10:04 pmLocation: In bed Mood: Tired, relaxed. Weather: COLD. with a blink of an eye, it's winter. Watching: Fashion Hunters. just background noise. What I'm really doing: exploring Pinterest What I should be doing: calling it a night.

I found this quote on my Pinterest and thought to myself, "yes." This is something I do quite often, more this year than any other. Just recently, I had a "stop and think moment" when I was giving Tyler a bath. I sat back and watched him play in the water with such joy. After splashing the water with a toy, he looked up at me with the biggest smile. Even if I had the worst day of my life, there was no way I could not smile back. That is more happiness than I can ever ask for. xot.


Remember when I was going to go cool for Halloween? Didn't happen. I ended up going cute with this monkey suit purchased at Target.The monkey is a pretty significant animal in Tyler's life. His favorite book? 5 Silly Monkeys. The binding is hanging on by a thread and we read it to him at least 3 times a day. One of two lovies is his stuffed monkey. He rubs this monkeys paw against his face when we lay him in bed at night to sleep. It's so cute to watch. So I had to go for the monkey suit when I saw it hanging on the rack. No trick or treating for us though. It's snowing like crazy tonight. We're chillin', watching Halloween cartoon specials and waiting for the few trick or treaters we get. (also eating a fair share of Bottlecaps).


I spent the last few months scratching my head at what to feed Tyler. He's been eating pretty chunky foods for awhile now but it was the same old thing. Roasted chicken breast, sweet potatoes, peas, squash...pretty plain. I really wasn't sure what he could or should be eating at this point. My goal for Tyler and his eating is to enjoy different foods, not feel like he has to eat them because I say so. After doing some research, I invested in a few cookbooks specifically for babies. This recipe comes from Tyler Florence's cookbook, Start Fresh. So far I've made several dishes with great results. This one in particular was good being that I have several fillets of salmon in my freezer. Something almost every Alaskan has in their freezer along with their go to salmon recipe.  I subbed risotto for long grain rice. Although I love risotto, I simply did not have time to keep an eye on it and constanly stir. The meal was quick to prepare and that was key. Tyler gets pretty impatient when he knows dinner time is rolling around. I wasn't sure how he would react to the taste of salmon. I was pretty excited to watch him take his first bite (oh, the things that excite you when you're a new mom). This kid could not get it in his mouth fast enough. He loved and devoured it. It made me so happy to be able to add something new to his dinner menu. I highly recommend this book for any new mom whose at a loss on what to feed their baby.


current life cycle. 10/17/2011

Dude, where in the world did September disappear to? I remember August, then blinked and now it's mid October. Goodness. Wrapping up my last few Fall sessions. Will definitely be more prepared for next fall, that's for sure.

Some of you are probably wondering who the winner is. I received some awesome comments. Poems, and fall favorites, some interesting one words and ones that were down-right hilarious. Love 'em all. The dt was asked if they actually do read all of their comments on give aways and my answer if a firm YES. A lot of the dt do. Why wouldn't we? :)

My winner is:

Heather V - I love fall. For some reason, this time of year always makes me think of one of my favorite poems, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. Here’s the part that sticks with me:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Maybe it’s the back to school/learning something different vibe of this time of year, or the fact that I go out and enjoy the beauty of nature this season. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for the lovely poem Heather! Please email me at lifelovepaper@gmail.com to claim your prize! If I don't hear from you by Wednesday, the 19th, I will have to choose another winner.

Happy Monday! xot.

Meagan Class of 2012. Anchorage Senior Photographer

I loved working with Meagan. Kind of a dream cleint. Open to anything & not afraid to get dirty. I couldn't wait to go through and edit her shots.

These are the type of sessions I've been wanting. I'm so glad I made the decision to re-evalute my photography business. Doing so has changed Life.Love.Paper in so many ways. I'll talk more on that later and will also include my gear as I've received several questions about it.



Fieldguide is still available? The arrow stamp? The Sass exclusives? Crazy.Here's your chance to win this incredible kit. Post your comment here. Can be anything. One word, your favorite fall time thing to do, your favorite movie, what inspires you...anything. Just be creative. I do read every comment and I am making you put a little effort into this giveaway. :)

Be sure to pay a visit to my fellow dt collegues to better your chance to win Fieldguide. Winner will be chosen October 17th in the afternoon. Good Luck! xot.


Chase + Addison. Fall mini shoot.

I'm definitly finding that I love working more with children when shooting. I love all surprises and the off moments they have. The pouting, the laughter and giggles, the all around lightness that surrounds them. Part of me wants to stress out with the looming expectations of parents but I have to let that go. I can't stress enough to inquiring clients to really get a feel for my point of view. None of my photos are perfect or staged and I can't imagine ever expecting that from a young child. I'm all about having fun and working with kids. I probably have more fun than they do. :)


in my bag.

I should compare this image with the one I took a few years ago. Gone are the days of carrying my beloved Coach satchel. Now it's this SkipHop diaper bag I purchased from Target. I received a really pretty Putina Picklebottom bag for my shower but it's a little too big for everyday errands.

Looking at this, I wonder how many types of wipes I really need. I can probably get rid of the paci ones and the paci as he never really takes it. Wet ones and baby wipes are a  must. I fell in love with the Johnson & Johnson facial wipes for their pretty sent and it's gentle on Tyler's skin unlike normal baby wipes that have made him break out. I like to use them to freshen him up before we visit friends or family. Everyone always comments on how good he smells. I've use the Mustela ones but I like the scent on these better. (and the price)

I've found that keeping a separate smaller pouch with a few diapers, cream and wipes comes in handy. I grab this when I need to do a quick diaper change at a friend's house or if I need to send Jeff off to give him a change.

I'm a huge fan of MumMums and the Happytots food bags and never leave the house without one or the other, especially when we go shopping/errand running. I love that the Happytots is all organic and little if no sodium. Because of Tyler's dilated kidney, we do keep a close eye on his sodium intake. Either way, I think it's a good idea to not feed him foods that have unnecessary sodium amounts. I've never paid so much attention to the food labels until now. I make the majority of his food but I do like to have some prepared foods on hand. I highly recommend the Sprout line of baby foods. Tyler can attest to that. He loves the beef lasagna and the ginger chicken.

I'd love to see what you all are carrying in your bags/purse right now! What do you find essential to carry with you on a daily basis?



life right now.

I'm not even going to lie...I am the exact opposite of healthy living right now. Ice cream + coffee for dinner, tv watching, staying up way past my bed time. Instead of doing 6+ things during Tyler's nap, I crash on the couch for a siesta. Funny thing is I feel guilty for doing so. My body is telling me to slow down. I'm running in so many different directions at 100 miles an hour most days. I shouldn't feel guilty for closing my eyes and resting for an hour, right? But I do. I'm sure all my unhealthy choices may be contributing to my tiredness lately. That and the onset of winter. And can I just say that with all the books I've read on babies, not one hinted on how busy I would be chasing and taking things away. My goodness, that kid runs me ragged. He is such a busy body, moving every which way. It's craziness I tell you and I was not prepared. Not in the way I like to be. The craziest part is that he's now entered into temper-tantrum territory. If you pull him away from something he's trying to get into, watch out. I couldn't help but sit back and laugh when I witnessed this for the first time. Ah..good times.

xot. ps. I forgot to add that the concoction above is my husband's creation. I've always been a plain vanilla girl but he proclaimed this to be the best thing since white bread. I fought it for awhile until I thought, what the hell. OMG. Deliciousness at it's finest people. If you're into the salty/sweet combo, I would highly recommend this.



Finding Peace

My grandma Ruby passed away last Saturday, September 24th. She was ill and no longer her vibrant self when I saw her earlier this year. I spoke to her over the phone the day she passed. She could no longer speak but my grandfather told me she nodded her head knowingly. I hated myself for not being there that day. I hated that I forgot to tell her thank you for everything she's ever done for me. For shaping the person I am today. My creative drive is all from her. My love for baking comes from her. My ability to find a good sale and make a mean chicken fried steak is from her. My strong will and stubbornness comes from her. I miss her so much. But I know that she's back to being her vibrant self. She's at peace, no longer suffering. She's in Gods hands now and I pray that she's looking over all of us, especially my papa. The woman he's loved for almost 60 years is no longer here. My heart aches for him so badly. I do hope that with time he finds peace.

(One of my favorite photos of us. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking. She was a master at cakes and pies. She probably wouldn't like that I'm showing a photo of her in her curlers but this is how I remember her. She must have just taken her apron off because she always wore one in the kitchen.) Miss you Grandma. xot

girl loves friday

As promised, finally after weeks and weeks of procrastination...here's how I add the faux stitching or dotted lines on my layouts:

Simple, right? I love it. Especially because my sewing machine is placed on the dining room table surround by fabric. I guess I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and sew on my layouts now.  That and I scrap when Tyler naps so I'm usually tip-toeing around the house during that time. The sound of a sewing machine would surely rouse my sleeping boy.

This technique was something I picked up from a rubber stamp artist many years ago who created her own beautifully hand stamped faux postage. She used the tracing wheel to add the look of perforated holes. I did recently come upon this technique on Pinterest...I think another scrapbook site had a tutorial on it, can't remember. Not at all claiming this to be my technique but I'm owning it, that's for sure. Perfect way to add lines for journaling and faux stitching of course. I like adding random lines of dots to create another element of design on paper like the photo above.

So that's it. Sorry to keep you suspense! I promise it wasn't on purpose. I have a goal of one day doing an actual video tutorial but it's a little hard to maneuver my camera and show said technique and explain what I'm doing eloquently. Plus I sound all nasaly and I immediately get in my sweats, messy bun, and glasses when I get home. Not a pretty sight

Happy Friday, xot.


Did you snag the add ons you wanted? I heard through the grapevine that #4 sold out in a blink of an eye. I didn't get a chance to complete my mini...sometimes I think being overwhelmed with inspiration sort of kills it for me. But my creativity revamps after the reveal. I love seeing what the other ladies did with their kits. We also had a special assignment of pulling an idea from the Studio Calico Pinterest board which was really fun. Another form of pin to action. :) Here are my layouts:

Love the scripty font of the AC thickers in the Greenhouse add on. My "main kit" only layout. It was a refreshing change to use only the main. This Sass/SC exclusive paper is so pretty. And the arrow stamp is by far my favorite. Of course I say that now. :)I adore this photo of Tyler and I'm glad I finally scrapped it.

Another paper love.

And then there was my Pinterest inspo project. Did you catch that when checking out the dt gallery? Here is my original Pinterest inspiration pin from the SC inspo board.

I wanted to do something other than a layout + I needed some artwork for my work/play room. Here's my interpretation:

And then there was a digi. Here's my layout for Photobooth.

Bedtime for this tired mama. xot.