mysteries of the mid-afternoon crash: a typical tuesday

good thing blogging on a regular basis wasn't one of my resolutions.
the best thing I can report is that our crazy cold spell has finally broke. bad thing is that it's snowing now. how can I complain though? I live in Alaska. A-L-A-S-K-A. grin and bear it I suppose.

At the moment I am going through the dreaded mid-afternoon crash or slump or the period in the work day in which one wants to lay their head on their desk for a snooze...knowing they can't, they reach for whatever sugary and fattening snacks that reside in the kitchen. Maybe it was the warm and comforting spicy chicken curry I had for lunch that's making me extra sleepy today.
I will NOT go towards that costco sized bag chocolate pretzels, I tell myself. Instead I'm noshing on a kashi go lean bar, something I don't highly recommend because of the cardboard essence I'm getting after each bite. it is loaded with fiber and has some sort of chocolate coating that's curbing my said chocolate pretzel craving. And maybe it's the combo of thinking of witty blog lines and the cardboard bar but I'm starting to get a little boost. that's good. Looking down at the time....2 hours to go. I can do this.

more tomorrow. must get back to work.