girl love friday and hates drama.

hate is a strong word but is an appropriate feeling to have on the subject of drama.
not drama as in i'm in the mood to watch a drama.
i'm talking about the type of drama that drains you and that is quite unnecessary. kwim?
it's something i avoid at all costs but i know at some point in my life, it will arise. it's all about how said drama is handled. i think hope that i have handled this minor bump in the road as best as i could. will things be the same after the smoke clears? possibly but life goes on to more positive things.


my husband. my partner. my bestie for life.
me: laying on the floor taking photos of the pup napping.
him: watching me take numerous photos.
me: thinking he's just watching the game on the flat screen behind me.
him: "you're really happy taking pictures, aren't you?"
surprised to find out he's been watching me this whole time. I blush and lovingly smile at him.

convos with long distance friends.
garance blog. i know, too many garance references. but i love her and knowing that i only have a moment to check google reader each day, her blog is on the top of my list.

valentine inspired weddings

this greeting card.

cool cupcake designs. 
Homepage2-1Banother reason to add to my "why I can't wait to have a baby" list. i can imagine a bunch of these for his or her birthday party with other little kids running around my house while donning pointy birthday hats. 
an idea for a future layout.
Picture 24 Picture 25

is this not genius? and it doesn't have to be about your spouse or partner. could be about a pet or your child. i love it. don't be surprise to see this idea used for a layout.

and lastly, a couple of sneaks for the March Studio Calico kit which goes live this weekend!!
Clsup1 Clsup3

oh boy, my half caf latte is starting to kick in. time to get the friday done and over with. before I sign off, I wanted to thank those of you who visit daily and leave nice little comments. I don't always get a chance to respond right away but that doesn't mean I don't care. In appreciation of the time you take to visit, I would like to give away 2 of my collage cards. Just say hi and I'll choose a winner Sunday night.
Il_430xN_124075477happy happy happy FRIDAY
be safe and enjoy your weekend.