The good, the bad and the beautiful.

The good.
Fresh grilled king salmon caught by my dad the night before. yum.
Dulce de leche sugar free Jell-O that I'm enjoying now.
The feeling I get 30 mins into my workout, sweating out anger and frustration from work
Being able to help out a very close family member with some funds. Something I wouldn't of been able to do a couple of years ago.
Getting my haircut and walking out the salon refreshed.
Walking out of Nordstroms empty-handed. Yes, that's a good thing.
New copy of Real Simple in my mailbox.
My big headphones. They come in handy when downloading tunes in bed.

The bad.
That bitter coworker who's thrives on bringing people down. homey don't play that so back off.
Feeding the parking meter with a handful of change and barely making it to an hour.
My neice throwing a fit when I walked in the door. Um..hello..I'm your auntie and I see you every week. Yet she freaks as though I'm some stranger.
Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. I don't know why, they just annoy me.
Knowing that I most likely won't be going to CHA next month.

The beautiful.

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Inspired by beautiful photographs and interesting people.
Knowing that I've got a scrappy mess waiting for me tonight.
Scarlet's canvas art on the Studio Calico blog. Check it out.
It's Friday and that my friends is the most beautiful thing.

Take care,