Eeeppss.....I really hate going this long without blogging. How can we possibly be in the middle of July already? It's been chilly, grey and rainy here for the past couple of weeks but I'm still enjoying the summer. As long as there's green grass instead of cold white snow, I'm good.

No scrappage to report. Have not touched anything in my scraproom since the last kit from Studio Calico....which reminds me. I don't think I ever posted those layouts. humph. I'll get on that later this week along with some peeks of the upcoming August kit. I like to describe next month as sweet & juicy.

Happy to report that I'm still headed on my path of happiness and fulfillment. Thinking of other things I want to accomplish. Possibly taking piano lessons? I don't know yet. That would entail a purchase of piano that I neither have room or money for but it's something I do see in my future. Korean lessons also high on the list as I have no way of communicating with my grandparents.

I've been having so much fun filling my new ipod with new music. I had the old mini for so long and kept it in pristine condition until my husband jacked it since his nano ended being a piece of dooky. Oh how I love all the videos and podcasts. Something to play around with when the boss isn't looking at work.
Currently on the playlist:
Bat For Lashes
Dashboard Confessional
St Vincent

What other random sh*t can I blog about today. Let's see...
-looking forward to all the new fall fashions and big fat fashion magazines coming out.
-enjoying talks about moving out of state. just talks though, no immediate plans.
-thinking of how quiet it's going to be with everyone headed off to the fabulousness of CHA. I won't hate.
-19 more days until the release of Breaking Dawn. still not sure if I'm team edward or team jacob. can i be team both?
-thinking I'm in dire need of a manicure and pedicure.
and a random glimpse of the past few weeks.


That's all folks!
Take care,