what the.

Right now.
Homemade minestrone soup bubbling away on the stove. Perfect for a day like today. It's freezing and the rain hasn't let up at all. I figured this would also be the perfect time to blog, catch up on some things.

First, tv talk.
Have you seen True Blood on HBO? Now if you're going through Twilight withdrawals and you've always wanted things to get a little more.........adult with the twi-series, it's worth a watch. There are a lot of similarities between the two stories and it makes me wonder who inspired who. True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries. Definitely on my winter reads list along with another go at Twilight. Be warned: when I say adult, I mean adult. Not something to share with your daughter like her battered copy of Twilight.

Ah, the Hills and all their "duh" faced glory. As of now, Lo has surpassed Heidi on my hills hate list. Spenc is still #1 on said list.
Lauren. Boring.
Audrina. Seems to be a wee more endowed in the chest area, no? she's still a fav. 
And I'm all team Whitney. I'd love to see a show based on her and her career with Revolution. I respect her professionalism and she seems like she's the type of girl that can laugh at herself. I really like that quality about people.
JBob, fake. cute but fake. The Brodster, still cute but the whole player aspect grosses me out. What's he going to do when he gets older? And that new guy, not really diggin him at all.
Oh and for the record. ShePratt is f*ning genius. "she use to be a hamster, now she's a guinea pig." Moments like that is why I keep tuning in.

***soup refill***

Ok, I'm back.
So I've got the shop up and stocked with a few things. I'm also running a little "new kid on the block special." For a limited time, I'm offering free shipping with the purchase of two or more prints. I'll also have some new prints up tomorrow afternoon. I've got some other fun stuff up my sleeve so don't be a stranger and check back! :)

Studio Calico. Seriously, if you've been thinking about subbing, now's the time. October is, for lack of a better word, cool. They've got some sneak peeks on the site. And now they're well equipped and taking cc's on the site. No more PayPal.

Dare 108'sup. All about seasons. It's a no-brainer for me.
Me and Autumn are like this.
Sweaters, and leather boots, and scarves...oh my. Still searching for the perfect leather boot in black AND that can fit around my big ass calves.

What else can I yammer on about.....................
*Indulging feels so good. camera purchases, hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, cozy fleece pants, taking a day off just to be with J. All worth it.
*Just thinking about the upcoming holidays makes me tired.
*Looking forward to some time with SIL and the kiddos. That girl is nothing but the truth and that's refreshing to be around.
*In need of new music! What are you listening too now?Any recommendations? I'll take anything. I'm too lazy to fart around with Itunes right now plus it's been disappointing, music wise, as of late.
*light bulb*
post some tunage and I'll pick a winner on Friday for a print of your choice along with some other ttv goodies. Sound like a deal?
 :) :) :)
Enjoy today, tomorrow will be sweeter.