just another manic monday.

Last week of september September loveliness.

My a.m. started off a little rocky.
A closet full of duds but nothing to wear.
Hair that will not cooperate.
Serious sleep lines on my face that made it look as though I was in a knife fight with my pillow.
J asking "what are you wearing" after thinking I might of found something to wear. I always try to
be a little different than the normal office wear. Guess my skinny black rocker jeans were a little
too skinny. I tried to counter-act the tightness with a long sweater but it just wasn't working.
So now I'm here in a boring outfit and an overflowing inbox.
Just a touch of the "mondays" this morning. I'll get over it.

What I can't get over is that we're already coming into October.
And the frost covering my windshield which reminds me....
dig out ice scrapper and mittens. also dig out snow tires and get oil change.
Ha, how are you liking this eventful post?
All my to-dos and to don'ts. Awesome.

New goods in the shop! 
Decided to make a few greeting cards to celebrate the fall.
I'll also have some pumpkin ttv prints available for your fall decorating pleasure. 
Or if you just like to collect pumpkin things. 

Gotta run before my 'puter freezes up on me!
Enjoy your day,
Tina :)