not a whole lot to report...

except that it's snowing and it's my 3rd favorite day of the week. Not hard to guess what my other 2 favorite days hint. It doesn't involve me being in the office.
Finally updated the shop. Wish you could see how cool these prints are on the metallic photo paper.
Shop update 
Oh and I've got a little preview of my holiday items that are in the works. I should have them in the shop for your purchasing pleasure next week.
Coming soon 
And since we're on the subject of holidays......Studio Calico reveal night is tonight. Working
on the December kit now. It's a great mix of sophistication and cool with a dose of holiday cheer.
Just stop in tonight and you'll see what I mean. They've got a really generous give away that you may want to take a peek at. Should be in your newsletter. If you still haven't jumped on that band wagon
I highly suggest you do.
Again, I really am at a loss as to what to blog about today. I really should start keeping a little note
pad for those lightning bolt blog ideas I seem to have when I'm either no where near a computer or just not in the mood to blog. I do want to thank all of you who wished me and my love a happy anniversary last week. Very sweet and touching and so appreciated. I may not reply back to your posts
but I do read and enjoy every single word. Know that. I'm slowly sneaking my way back into my regular blog reading except I need to get it organized. What do you all use? Isn't there a nifty site for store all
your blogs and let's you know when that's persons updated? Clue a girl in, would ya?

happy friday. enjoy your days away from work.