december madness has begun.

I know this because I can usually find a parking spot downtown at 10am on weekdays (my lunch hour) but for the past week, I've opted to park at the very top of a parking garage. Not complaining though, just adds a few more steps for me to walk up. A good way to sneak in some exercise. My treadmill has been on vaca for the past few weeks. Not sure if you remember but I was on a sort of diet earlier this year and actually met my goal weight. I kept it realistic and that was the biggest part of my success. Now I jump on for a light work out a few times a week so I can eat all the sweetness the holidays bring and not feel bad. Ok, enough boring diet talk. I hate listening or reading about one's diet so I won't put this on you any longer.

Here's a random one word meme I found somewheres in blogworld. I couldn't keep it at one word though. I'm a big fan of explanations. Here we go....

Where is your mobile phone? charging
Where is your significant other? bed (butthead has the day off)
Your hair colour? mocha (brown, just plain brown and I refuse to color my hair)
Your mother? absent (lost in Oregon)
Your father? best (couldn't ask for a better dad)
Your favourite thing? home (bonifide homebody here)
Your dream last night? odd (aren't they always?)
Your dream goal? changes (almost on a daily basis.)
The room you're in? sucks (I'm at work, what do you expect?)
Your hobby? documenting (photographing anything and putting it down on paper)
Your fear? publicspeaking (will always be public speaking)
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Traveling (preferably in Europe)
Where were you last night? sleeping
What you're not? dishonest (being totally honest bites me in the ass sometimes)
One of your wish-list items? coach (I need a new purse)
Where you grew up? everywhere (Born in S. Korea, then Florida, Las Vegas, now Alaska)
The last thing you did? edit (photos)
What are you wearing? jeans (comfy sweater, boots and my fav diamond studs)
Your TV? old (you know, the square, non-flat, no plasma or lcd screen. We're upgrading soon)
Your pets? spoiled (sleeps in bed with us)
Your computer? bff
Your mood? bored (very bored)
Missing someone? sometimes
Your car? honda (I love my honda)
Something you're not wearing? makeup
Favourite shop? Target (only place that carries polaroid film)
Your summer? short (non-existent the past few years)
Love someone? fiercely
Your favourite colour? Gray (is that weird?)
When is the last time you laughed? now (joked about wearing ear plugs the rest of the day. enough office gossip already. sheesh.)
When is the last time you cried? awhile
Give it go and link me up. I want to see what one words you come up with. Plus I'm feeling gifty so I'll choose a winner for some TtV's prints later this week.
Happy 3rd of December!