a loud yawn and a drawn out stretch.

I can't really complain. My weekend was one of the best. Nothing out of the ordinary.
The sun was out, the weather warmer, the sound of geese flying over our home....finally. She's (spring) arrived, fashionably late but here none the less. I had great intentions of getting up bright and early saturday to change my winter tires but after a late night, that was a no go. Staying in bed was a much better option. A treat to myself as I'm always up early to get things done. Why not just lounge? I did feel a tad guilty over my laziness but that later passed.
Garden planning. Going to the greenhouse on my lunch break to check out all the flowers perfectly lined up, ready to be taken home. Purchased a few knowing that it's still early. Getting so excited about Memorial day weekend which will entail me being knee deep in dirt.
I got creative, sneaks peeks of Studio Calico's May goodness will be up later this week. I can't get enough of their exclusive papers this month.

Still trying to catch up on blogs so I apologize if for my impolite blogger behavior.
I'm also in the process of a blog revamp. Guess I'm looking to change my format or the way I blog....I want to take full advantage of my little piece of cyber space. I'm pulling inspiration from certain blogs that I love and am always drawn to. I know I'm a visual person and expressing myself through words isn't always easy. More later this week. Back to coffee sipping.