So I'm watching John + Kate announce their separation and I have to say I'm really heartbroken for them. It's something I never expected them to do and when all the rumors started, I was routing for them thInking they would some how overcome their marital issues. It's just sad.
It's been an overall sad day. I attended a funeral for a friends father. Although I didn't know him, it was heartbreaking to see their family in pain but there was also a sense of peace for them at the end.
It's cold here again. Rainy, gloomy. Not like the rainy days I enjoy. The sweet smell isn't there.
I'm husband-less for the next week which i would normally look forward too. My house will stay clean, tv will remain off until I crawl into bed at night, I can actually read a book and not be disturbed. But I'm missing him terribly. Not enjoying this man-free time at all. My dogs aren't either and are restless right now. I comforted myself by making a big pot of pipping hot soup. WatchedIna Garten make this over the weekend and thought it would be the perfect thing for me to make this week since J isn't much into meatless dinners (over using "less", I know this) it did the trick, totally warmed me up...that and wearing one of J's ginormous sweatshirts. Kick started some creative papery goodness(also over-used, no?) which I just remembered...I haven't put up any SC sneaks yet. (marking that on my to do list)

062009 075 
saturday selfie. good lighting in my scrap/craft room I don't even scrap/craft in anymore. now dedicated to self portraits. :) I've made it a habit of scrapping on my living room floor. I never use to like watching tv while scrapping but now I can't do without it. plus my old dog follows me EVERYWHERE and she has trouble making the trip upstairs. this way she can lay right next to me.

062009 096 
fruits of my labor. love being able to pluck a few petals for a simple arrangement. <3

also loving housewives of new Jersey season finale. stereotypical goodness (damn, there's that word again) True Blood....ouuughhhh...True Blood. my show. Z Rock on IFC. kissing masons big fat soft baby cheeks ans seeing his toothy smile. that kid is getting so cute, makes me weak in the knees.