best weekend ever.

Summer lovin far.
got a lot accomplished. cleaned parts of my home that have not been touched since we moved in. actually committed to some picture hanging in my living room although I ran out of wall mounts midway through. played with bubbles. watched dog try to eat as many bubbles as he could possibly catch. cuteness.
ate hubs outstanding falling off the bone ribs with my secret bbq sauce. sticky sweet...but not too sweet. I prefer more of a vinegar taste when it comes to bbq.
listen to fireworks rather than watching as the sun shines through the night. got to love alaska in the summer.
juggling 2 reads, Julie & Julia (so far, really good. constantly chuckling through paragraphs) and Dead to the World (just started. part of the sookie stackhouse/true blood series. one hour a week on tv is just not enough for me. need more.)
surprisingly taking this monday quite well. a tad stand-offish but norm for me in the morning.
day 3 of clomid. not feeling any of the side effects that I was worried about. keeping fingers crossed. hope fully set now but ready for disappointment. does that make sense? it's all about moving forward. things/life just feels uplifting right now.
scrapbooked a little. did my "re-do" dare. will post tonight.
need to catch up on emails. much needed break from the internet.
signing off. my hot pocket is ready.