girl loves new beginnings.

well hello september.
boy did you show up quick.
august was just a glimpse of days. days I wish I took more advantage of. 
there was a slight chill in the air today. clean, brisk, the on set of something new. 
082909 042  
this fall will mean renewed hope, finding a fresh perspective and accepting the things I cannot change.  also means I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of black leather low heel boots. not too bikerish, or divaish. something like these...

love to have them in brown too.

082809 0742 
the fair was the exact same as it has been in the past umpteen years.
hasn't changed one bit. corn fritters smothered in honey butter was my fav fair food this year.
I'm not one to spread butter liberally on anything but on a hot corn fritter? child please. (sorry, watching Hard Knocks, you'll get it the phrase if you watch the show)
the one and only thing that was different this year was finally getting the galls to enter the
photography competition. I had no hopes of winning or even thought about placing. I just wanted
too see my picture up with the others. but when I entered the exhibit that housed all the artwork and photography, I immediately wanted to spot the 3 I had entered with hopes of seeing one of those primary colored ribbons stuck to the corner.
and there it was. my photo, with 2 ribbons. first place and division champion for macro. also won first place in the misc category. utter bliss. I would like to be nonchalant about this and in a way I have been, Jeffrey being the one to gloat to everyone about my ribbons. But I'm not going to be because this was something I needed. as little as it was being a small competition in a local state fair, it made me, for once in a long time, forget the struggles I have been feeling these past several months. I spent the remainder of that day at the fair without a care in the world and grinning from ear to ear. isn't that what the fair is all about?