it's friday and I'm in love.

**Spent some quality time with Google Reader this week and I'm happy to report my creative spirits are lifted.
**The arrival of February's Studio Calico kit on my doorstep a day earlier than anticipated has me chomping at the bit. 
**2 weeks closer to being the owner of a Canon Mark 5D II. Oh yes.
**why 2 weeks? Because there a few things I told myself to accomplish before dropping hard earned money down. 2 weeks is my deadline. If they're not completed, no camera. Talk about motivation.
**These luscious boots. I met them today on my lunch break. I intended on birthday shopping for a friend but got distracted by these. I want. I want. I want.
**happy random garland.

**This print.

**calligraphy...something I've wanted to learn myself for a loooonnnggg time. I tried a few times as I like to teach myself certain crafts but this one just doesn't come easy to me. For now, I'll just admire her beautiful work.

**a rainbow amongst the snow.
My niece, my muse, my most favorite subject to photograph right now. She's helping me with my portfolio. :)  
If you reside in Anchorage, drop me a line at I'm shooting for free right now so if you're interested, let's talk. 

Enjoy the weekend!