girl returns and confesses on being a CHA virgin.

Where to begin?
Let's start with day 1.

The beginingI am happy to report that the sun was bright and slightly warm when I arrived. I couldn't turn down the opportunity to stretch my legs and walk to the convention center . I was slightly overwhelmed when I walked in as I didn't realize how huge this place was but I was quickly greeted with a shout and a hug from Dav and Walesk.

After receiving my all too important pass, we made our way into the actual convention where booths were being constructed, product  being unpacked and people moving at a feverish pace. I walk doe-eyed towards the stylish, clean and almost completed Studio Calico booth to meet the ever so gracious April and her Kentucky Wildcat loving husband Greg or as some of us know as G-man. I also had the opportunity to meet the the rest of the SC crew, Lorie, Kristen and Stephen. All were busy putting the final deets on the booth.
Winter vaca 2010 008 
Winter vaca 2010 017 Walesk taking photos of the booth.
Winter vaca 2010 018The crew. From the left is Walesk, April, Dav, Lorie and Nicole.
AprilApril and her beautiful hair.

Ok, so on to some CHA peeks from my point of view. Now this is just day 1 of being at CHA and it's not even opening day of the convention so I didn't really get to see a lot of product. I was more fascinated with the production of these booths. I never thought about the time and effort it went into creating these very well designed areas.

Winter vaca 2010 024Winter vaca 2010 041My first paper encounter was at Crate Paper. Love me some Crate. The first thing that captures me about this paper is the texture. The designs are so fun and usable. I especially love the chipboard pieces.
Winter vaca 2010 039 Winter vaca 2010 032
 Winter vaca 2010 038
Not much else to report from day 1. Just meeting and greeting more or less. 

Some ups and downs...
scoring the last open seat on the flight when flying stand by.
the neck cramp I endured after falling asleep awkwardly on my shoulder.
blue skies, bright sun.
forgetting my favorite Coach sunglasses.
meeting my online friends and finding out just how much cooler they are in person.
leaving friends and knowing I won't be able to see them for awhile
also meeting scrap celebs most of which were uber cool (I dislike the work uber by sounds better than "way")
the uncomfortable silence after meeting and chatting about the flight from Anchorage and the weather. 

I've got much more to report but I've got a dog who wants to be walked and a cup of coffee to purchase. 
I'll continue on my CHA antics throughout the weekend. 
It's good to be home but I'm already scoping out tickets to the next convention. sigh.