nina shoot

Besides my nagging cough, Saturday's shoot with Nina went well.
She's got this Marylin Monroe quality about her and was quite fun to shoot since she was open and constantly giving me different poses.

I love this last shot with her braces.

Blog 5
So, my 2 cents on
I loved it.
Shipping was fast and accurate.
Customer service is superb.
And now I know what lens I want now and which one can wait.
All of the above shots were done with the 35mm 1.4. Great lens. Definitely on my wish list.
I didn't do much with the tilt shift lens. That baby will need more than 3 days to practice with. I'm not afraid to admit that the only reason I rented it was because it seems to be hot right now amongst the cool photographers. I don't think I'll be needing it myself anytime soon. 
I do love the 24-70 although I didn't think it was as sharp as any of the prime lens I've used.

So yeah, now all I need is some money to purchase above lens. :) I'll most likely rent a few again for the upcoming wedding shoots. I'm anxious to use the 70-200. I just hope I can handle it.

Happy Wednesday,