girl loves the friday before a holiday weekend.

Well...sort of.
When you work in the wide world of retail, it gets pretty hectic insane the week before a holiday weekend.
but alas, it's Friday and I'm so ready to enjoy my extra day off.
Flowers are bought, just need some more soil and I'm the hunt for a nice lounge chair for the back yard.
I can see it now....kicking back with a big ol' glass of ice tea, a book and me soaking up the sun. (also need to purchase sun screen)
We're not big on traveling over major summer holidays. it's just too busy with only 2 highways out of Anchorage.
Nope, I'm all about chillaxin' this weekend.

Right now, it's a little after 8am and I'm taking my little break and eating my left over tamale, rice and beans from yesterday's lunch.
Yes, mexican food at 8am. The perks of being with child.

Onto girl loves......

Well, I gotta start with some SC love.

JuneReveal_Newsletter1 Newinshop Plenty left in the shop
And please do check out the dt gallery. My fellow scrappers amaze me each and every month.

This tweens room. (via Design Mom)

TweenBedroomDecor19I love how they did this on the cheap.  

Salted Caramel Brownies (via Pioneer Woman)
4627911299_ceece4e3eaMe and brownies are like this. (insert finger cross)
Seriously can't wait to try this recipe. I first came across salted caramel candies in Seattle and thought..ewe...but oh no, it was the perfect balance of sweetness and I just can't eat regular caramels anymore.

This. (via Wit+Delight)
Blowntulle1For no other reason but the mystery & glamor. Who is she and where is she going with that hot dress and to die for slingbacks? 

This outfit which looks almost identical to my weekend wear. (via Pretty Mommy found by following above link. Don't you just love when one blog leads to another awesome blog?)
Pm1flowy tee, check. destroyed jeans, check. gray chucks, check. camel leather bag, check. the only thing thats different for me arethe cuffs. I rarely leave the house without my Coach bangle but I do love the cuffs shown.
Nothing says summer light fresh berries. (via Paper Tissueon Tumblr. wish I knew the original photographer)

Now I'm really ready for the weekend.
Any big plans for you? 
Whatever they are please be safe when traveling and enjoy the summer kick off!