currents and a new prompt.

listening: Bat for Lashes
eating: nothing at the moment.
drinking: hot chocolate from heavenly cup.
wearing: boots, skinnies and a black tee. nothing special.
feeling: tired. so. very. tired.
weather: i don't know, it's dark right now.
wanting: to not be here behind this desk.
needing: to get my house in order.
thinking: i can't wait for maternity leave.
enjoying: the thought of being off work during the holidays.
wondering: why I'm the one everyone comes to when something goes wrong here? shouldn't they go to the source? oh yeah, the source is unreliable.

I suppose it doesn't help anything when I gripe about work and not wanting to be here. Makes for a much longer day, no? I need a poster of Paul Rudd's smiling mug with the quote "enjoy the day" which comes from the movie Knocked Up. I vision that when my mood is down. It helps a bit.

My maternity shoot with R&P Photographywent very well, great I should say. They were fun to work with and very creative which I find extremely important in a photographer. Not necessarily the skills or what they've learned in school. If there's no creative vibe, it's not going to work for me. Sorry if you've seen these on my Facebook wall but I've got to post them here because I'm so in love. Jeff and I have never done a photoshoot before except for the ones we had done at Sears when we were teenagers. oh man, I'll have to dig those out and post them sometime. :)

60195_447844078128_151531093128_5320607_369024_n 60195_447844073128_151531093128_5320606_448919_n You can see the rest of my photo session peeks here.

I'm always on the look out for blog writing prompts. Currents was a good way to fill a random mid week spot. btw...want to know where I got the concept from? That song from Dashboard Confessionals...a slow current. I thought to myself, today's a slow current. Wait, what if I post all my currents that day. So there, now you know. And if you yourself do a currents list, hit me up. I'd love to read what's current in your part of the world.

I found another prompt or project to post here to the blog through Hope Never Dies which lead me to And I'm not sure  why I never include such blogs when I'm asked which blogs inspire me. Sure, visual blogs inspire me but I do love a well written blog just as much.
Here's the 411. Follow along if you'd like.

30 Days of Truths. Are you ready?

I'm going to go along with what Girlvaughn has listed but I may change a few here and there.

I'll go ahead and start today.

Day one: Something you hate about yourself.

hmph. hate a strong word but I'd be straight up lying if there wasn't something I disliked about myself. I have several actually, some I'm embarrassed to admit here but if we're talking truths, then the truth it will be.
I'm a straight up flake. I tend to commit myself to something, then back out at the last minute. I find it hard to commit to anything really. Jeff always wonders why we've lasted so long as he knows I bear this not so great quality. This goes for anything and everything. For instance, we've picked out a name for our boy but when people ask, I tell them I don't have one locked down because I'm afraid I'll hate it later. I'm tricking myself you see. If I don't commit, then I won't disappoint. I've gotten better at this. I now just flat out tell people no, I'm not attending to whatever function because I simply can't. And I've gotten much better at putting things down in my date book via Iphone so I'm not saying yes when I already have something planned.

So there it is.