a different kind of current.

CurrentsI'm worried.
At 35wk 5dys, the boy has pyelectasis. I'm told it's fairly common in boys but I can't help but worry. I suppose this is only the beginning of many many worries for the next 18+ years.

I'm tired.
It still feels like early morning.

I'm excited.
About my baby shower this weekend. I decided to make it more of a party for all my friends and family who've supported me through the years rather than a party that focused on me.  Plus I shy away from the spotlight so this works out better for me. Good food, good people. Hopefully I'll have lot's ot photos to share with you next week.

I'm contemplating.
On next years goals. I never got to do what I wanted to do this year and that was to shoot film, preferably on a medium format camera. Teaching myself something new excites me.

I'm disappointed.
I'm sorry to say that there will not be a Girl Loves Polaroid 2011 calendar. There are certain projects that I have to cut out because I simply cannot manage to do it all. I've decided to focus on my home, my heart, my growing family and my photography business. I do still take requests though so if you would like a print of one of my photographs, don't hesitate to ask.

I'm loving.
My mellow music mix. My boyish gray and blue striped sweater. My spiffy haircut..a whole 3 inches cut off and no one even noticed. And the gentle way my niece hugged and kissed my belly yesterday. That girl makes my heart swell to epic proportions.