peace. love. gratitude.

 Pola2075-2                                  (polaroid sx 70, 600 film October 2010) baby yet! sorry, I should have posted something. I've been getting numerous "baby yet?" emails. :) I feel all your joys through those written words. I will definitely post something as soon as the day comes.

Thanksgiving is starting out quite lovely. It's quiet in my home and I'm sitting in my favorite chair watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. It's snowing out, the neighborhood is calm and I'm feeling overwhelmed with gratitude.

I have so much to be thankful for this year.
The biggest blessing of our lives, our son who will be here any day.
My blended family that has welcomed another with my brother's late summer wedding.
My friends who have been there for me through chats, emails and texts.
A hobby that has introduced me to so many other new friends.
Finding passion through the lens of a camera.
Our cozy home.
Our dog, Butters.
My best friend, partner in crime and husband Jeff who continues to amaze me with his patience and support.

Through thisyear of blogging you have read me complain about the dreaded Monday, office politics, lack of funds, the weather and everything in between. These are all so insignificant when compared to what life is really about.

Peace, love & gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving.