a weekend in polaroids.

Xmas pola093 - Copy 
I was able to get a few hours of mommy time on Saturday. Me, the dog and my Polaroid ventured out into the cold for a diaper run as well as a little Christmas shopping which is just about done. Butters hasn't been out since the babe was born and I could tell he was feeling a little neglected. I knew a long ride and a a quick run in the snow would perk him right up. The cold, crisp air perked me up as well. 

I also snuck in a little photo sesh which didn't pan out so well. It's a bit drafty in our home and I really didn't want him naked. Plus he was a little cranky. Will try again when he's napping.

Thank you so very much for all your congrats and love. Each and every comment does not go unnoticed.