adventures of a new mom.

010311So. Let's talk schedules. I find this to be as debatable as breast versus bottle feeding. I have several friends who swear by a strict schedule. I know when they're kids naptimes are and when they go to bed at night. I know that these friends/family members will not make plans at naptime and who basically schedule their outings lives around their child's schedule. On the other hand, I know of some who tisk tisk at structured schedule. "My child will work around my own busy schedule" one mom tells me. "A schedule just doesn't work for us." Noted I thought to myself. Putting Tyler on a schedule was something I thought about throughout my pregnancy. I had decided to meet some where in the middle with the sheduling. Both Jeff and I work jobs that have a basic schedule. We're not the most spontaneous couple. You can bet that I'll be at Target Saturday mornings and Jeff at home watching football on Sundays. I decided to try the scheduling thing when Tyler was a few weeks old. I watched the clock constantly. "it hasn't been 2 1/2 hours...why is hungry again?" "he's over due for a nap...why isn't he tired?" "why does he sleep more in the day than at night?!" Watching the clock was not working for us at all. I pretty much gave in to his demands. I felt so much guilt for not doing so. Seriously, he was only born 3 weeks ago! But gradually, without even noticing until the third day of his 4th week he began to fall into a routine. He finally figured out..."hey, it's dark. tv's off. dad's snoring. guess it's time for me to sleep." I had praised the sleeping baby gods. I can't even tell you what 3 consecutive hours of sleep feels like. He wakes, he gets changed, he eats, he's out. This my friends is a great accomplishment. I feel like a true parent. Sounds silly but there were times at 3 am after being awake since midnight that I was doing something wrong. That I was failing miserably as a new mom. Silly me. This brings me to my first resolution. STOP BEING SO HARD ON MYSELF AND OTHERS. I can't compare myself to other moms. When i gave up the stress of what I'm suppose to do and started listening to my own babes needs, things all fell into place.

Next week I will write about my new mom aroma which consists of spit up & urine.Lovely, no?