New Beginnings Sale!

Hey guys!

I've finally got the shop updated with the new packs of misprints which include 15 pieces of various screen print + digital print items. Every pack will include at least 2 items from the Holiday pack! So yes, you'll receive some printed vellum :) Quantities are limited!

All other items are on sale too. Please note that I'm only selling what I have on hand. I only carry a few stamps of each design at a time. Most will be going away! The LifeLovePaper shop will be making some changes. I haven't made any final decisions but stamp designs will not be the main focus in 2013. I'll be working more with screen printed items done in small batches and more digital elements.

Can't wait to reveal the new projects I've been working on. :) XOT

Side note....I'll be working on my blog this week. You may see some silly things.