A few days late to post this but still feeling that really good positive New Years vibe. Let's pick up on a little Currents, shall we?

time: 9:18 pm location: couch (aka my nightime office) eating: had delicious szechuan beef stir fry (inspired by a Pinterest recipe but naturally I had none of the ingredints so I put my own concoction together.) drinking: this (only had regular milk. good but I think the almond milk would make it 10x's better) watching: on season 2 of American Horror Story. Oh the horror. listening: still loving Lana Del Ray + Lorde loving: my new parka that I purchased on clearance at Target. (funny how they clearance winter items in the middle of winter) loathing: those who think they can still go past the speed limit when the roads are crazy icy. (and end up in the snow bank a few seconds later) enjoying: having my feet warmed by my big ol' pound puppy (we knew her thick coat would come in handy in the winter) making: juggling a few memory keeping projects at the moment.