(insert sickly emoji)

My kid and his colds. They last maybe a day or 2 for him. Me? I get the full on body chills accompanied by all things that pair with a bad cold. Or flu. Who knows...I should Google it.Anyway. I'm sitting here waiting for the Nyquil to kick in and realized it's been awhile since my last post. Life has been up and down but it's mostly been a good 2014 so far. The newness of the year is starting to wear off and it's not a good feeling. I have to remind myself that my goals will not happen overnight. This is where I think successful people differ from people like...umm....me. They rise to challenges. They adapt to change. They keep going. These things are tough for people who get easily distracted and overwhelmed. So I'm adding another goal to the list. Learn to ask for help. I simply cannot do all the things I'm trying to do alone and that includes raising our son. It takes a village, right? Ha. I know this must all sound kind of odd. Like where the hell is she going with this? No where really. I'm just doing what I use to do when I started blogging. Random sh*t. You know.