Life Scripted

Good morning! (afternoon for some) Just a reminder that there is only 3 days left to sign up for February's class, Life Scripted with Kal Barteski. Brush script is something I've wanted to learn for quite awhile now. I missed the chance to take Kal's first class through her own website and was SO BUMMED I waited. Now it's available on the Studio Calico website and will run through the month of February. Lot's of inspiration and lessons from Kal along with a few different versions and tips from my fellow CT ladies.

What I've learned so far from just practicing? To really slow down and just enjoy the process. It's SO RELAXING and has become quite the stress reducer for me. One thing you have to put aside is perfection and if you hate your handwriting (like I do) then you might be pleasantly surprised at how brush script transforms it.

Hope you'll decide to join us in February! xot