make this! easter cones

It all started with some pretty party hats. Oh Joy for Target party hats to be exact. I purchased them for my birthday (yep, bought them for myself), had a little fun with them but didn't want to part ways just yet. The colors are the perfect shades of spring & they make instant containers. Cue in the Easter cone.

It's extremely simple & a great way to reuse something too pretty to toss. (I snipped up one of the hats for my scrapbook which is just about done)

I've heard that the Oh Joy line is becoming scarce and will be gone in a few weeks.  If you can find these pretties, yay! If not, I'm sure there are other suitable pretty party hats around.

These are incredibly simple and only require a few things any everyday crafter would have on hand.

A few notes... *Oh Joy for Target hats were purchased at my local Target. They cost $3. *The  ribbons and washi tape are all from past Studio Calico kits. The twine is also from Studio Calico. *All other items (plastic eggs & grass) were purchased from my local Target. *After peeling off the tape, you do want to remove the elastic string.

Have fun giving these a try! My little guy loved helping me put these together. Great make for little ones!