let's catch up.

let's start with Thanksgiving.
successfully baked 3 pies. A pumpkin for my brother, pecan for my dad and this one for my in laws. Thanksgiving was as it should be. A gathering of family and friends, sharing a good meal and reminiscing about the past. All in all, a good time.

instead of fighting aggressive shoppers on black friday, I opted to go ice fishing with my dad and nephew.
Ice fishing
as you can see from the photo on the right, I was a tad grossed out by the sliminess of my catch.
besides that minor detail, I had a great time fishing in the snow on a frozen lake stocked with rainbow trout. It was quiet and peaceful. It took patience to sit on top of a bucket with a small pole and watching to see if my bobbin started to duck in and out of the water. I needed some fresh air and the excitement of learning something new. I definitely look forward to going again. **note to self, must find chicer snowsuit.**

Saturday was my "black friday". I was happy there were still a lot of good sales to be shopped. Found back up dress for holiday party, back up dress now first choice. Also found perfect shade of red lipstick at Mac counter, now to find a little bravado to wear said lipstick to party. I'm sure once it's on, my inner beyonce will shine. Have you seen that new video with lady gaga? maybe I can also channel her moves when I hit the dance floor. Maybe not.

The rest of the weekend went accordingly and I'm so glad for the extended time off.
Now it's ready set go for Christmas.
House, decorated.
Tree, trimmed...minus a tree topper.
Gifts, about half way completed.
Cards, just now thinking about it.

ok, this is getting to be quite long and I've got a full dvr that needs to be emptied.

Dare 153
all items are from SC's new Home Front line. 

This months project kit.

30 Days of Christmas: Dec 2 (a different project I'm doing along with my Daily December)
a little prettiness on my kitchen window sill.

until Friday,