listening: The Weepies. I'm so loving the Weepies right now.
eating: just polished off a bowl of chicken & wild rice soup.
drinking: strawberry lemonade. I know, kind of weird lunch combo.
wearing: boots, gray skinny jeans, super soft flowy tee. (I seem to wear my gray skinnies on Wednesdays)
feeling: good.
weather: blue skies, cool air.
wanting: the cookie that's waiting for me to gobble.
needing: to get the nursery started!!
thinking: about my sc kit that should be arriving on my doorstep tomorrow.
enjoying: the season
wondering: why are some teenage girl so rude to pregnant women? wait...could be their rude to everyone. I just don't remember being that way myself when I was that age.

Said cookie is gone.
I've swapped my ice cream addiction for a cookie one. The Nordstroms cafe has the best buttery shortbread cookies. Kind of sad that I only go to Nordstroms for the cookies but it's not like I can fit into any of their clothes. :)

Day 4: Something you need to forgive someone for.

This ones a no brainer for me. It's something I did a few months ago.
Some of you may know about my situation with my mom.
Here's a brief summary.
Mom leaves family heartbroken for a supposed better life far away from us.
Mom calls once in a blue moon the first year.
Mom stops calling.
Girl goes on with life and gets pregnant at 32.
Mom finally calls after 15 years of no communication.
Mom regrets not keeping in touch and wants to pick up where relationship left off.
Girl is confused and doesn't remember where relationship left off.
Girl is cautious with her heart but no longer wants to hold onto any ill will towards mom nor does she want her son to harbor these feelings.
Girl lets go and forgives because we all deserve forgiveness.
Now girl enjoys weekly convos with mom.
Girl does not expect anything more.
Girl has learned that expecting things from people only bring on disappointment.

Girlmom (polaroid sx 70, 600 film)