turn a frown upside down.

It's been one of those weeks and as of today, I am emotionally spent.  Almost numb. From doctor's appointments everyday this week, to a funeral for my husbands grandmother and hearing bad news about my own grandfather. I'm happy it's Friday. I will be in full chill-mode this weekend. I will celebrate NSD in the comfort of my own home. J and his dad are going to the car show which is perfect. A quiet house, listening to my tunes, windows open, scrapping. That is my ideal day and is perfect therapy for an emotional week.

I leave you with a few other things that are putting a smile on my face-
'roid week on Flickr


1. 'roid week 08. day 5. lucky cat., 2. best wall in portland, 3. 112 (waiting), 4. 14 (fourteen) is the natural number following 13 and preceding 15, 5. The Finish Line Where Everything Just Ends, 6. Untitled, 7. A Delicate Balance, 8. Untitled, 9. Salt & Pepper, 10. Free As a Bird, 11. 'roid week • day five, 12. April Snow

My fellow supportive dt'ers at Studio Calico.
Taking some days off to extend my weekend.
Having a girls night to see Margaret Cho and dining at Ginger. I. cannot. wait.
Spending time with my niece.
Bear hugs from J.
Dinner and funny convos with inlaws.
Hearing the announcement of the RVA design team. Yay Michelle and Kara!
The success of the "bring a friend" contest at Studio Calico. If you haven't done so already, head over and create a username, it only takes a minute, and enter to win your chance at a 6 month sub! That's a crazy cool prize people. 

Hope to see you around tomorrow. I'll be on the SC boards and if you want to hook up on gmail chat, let me know. 
Take care friends, and enjoy your weekend!