had a fab extra long weekend. Saturday was spent celebrating the art of shopping, trying on clothes as quick as possible while patient husband waits, and partaking in some nsd fun with a few challenges. Sunday was spent watching Alvin & the Chipmunks, dancing, reading, playing under a tent made of blankets, and trying to understand the language of my seventeen month old niece. The more she gets older, the more I adore her.
Monday was dinner at Ginger, which was ok and seeing the Margaret Cho comedy show with my girls. Funny, funny lady.
Tuesday was spent running a few errands in the morning, then planting my butt on the couch, until my new RVA kit arrived on my doorstep. I then decided to upload all the photos I had taken the past few days and do a quickie layout.
Here's a few snippets from my weekend:

Today will be spent clearing my inbox at work. Oh joy.

Happy hump day!