let's catch up, shall we?

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oofta. blogging seems to my least favorite thing at the moment. blog hopping too. i use to love to skip from blog to blog and leave nice comments but my enthusiasm for reading other's blogs has gone down. Just feeling overloaded with information, inspiration and everything in between. I also feel as though I'm being influenced more by what I see on the internet rather than what's inside me. Doesn't mean I've quit reading blogs, just taking a break. Please don't take any offense to this. It's not you, it's me. :) And if you feel like my blog is of no interest, by all means, click out and move on. It's all good, no harm done.

I'm in a big "simplify" kick right now. Clutter makes me crazy. I realized this when I was struggling with a layout last week. I was sitting at my desk and pushing around little pieces of cut paper and embellishments, trying to find the perfect placement on my layout but nothing made me want to grab the tape and stick things down. I stopped in frustration, crossed my arms, kicked back in my chair carefully balancing on the back legs and took a good look around my room. I saw nothing but chaos around me. I thought about taking a big box and swiping everything I had on my desk in one single motion but that would of created a bigger mess for me to sort out. After a few deep breaths, I began to pick apart the objects on my large-surfaced desk. Take away baskets that hold various things, crystal bowls that hold buttons, letter stickers that I took off a layout and didn't return to the sheet, stacks upon stacks of new and old 12x12 papers, stacks of current projects, stacks of "make something with this because you had a cool idea but forgot about it".

Very calming to have a clutter free desk now. I don't need it all, I really don't. It's not only cluttering my space but clutters my thought process. So done with that.

Simplified my music, streamlined my morning routine to get a few extra minutes of sleep, tossed out clothing that I would never wear again. hello? Tees that hit above the tops of my jeans, PJ's that are riddled with holes, an old high school sweatshirt that clearly marks my age. They found a better home in the garbage.

So that's what I've been up to. SIMPLIFYING. It's going quite well.

Headed to the Alaska State Fair tomorrow. Argus and my crazy contraption will be in tow. Hoping the sun peeks out for a little bit but I highly doubt it. I think it's been sunny 2 of the past 15 years of fair going.

Studio Calicoreveal tonight. Some of you may of already gotten your reveal via the SC newsletter. It's definitely worth signing up for. Go here to get the reveal a whole day early. There's also a featured SC member each month which I think is very cool. Joy's picked out an oh-so-lovely avatar theme for tonight.......worst school photos. Should be fun.

A few more shout outs here....and because I watched that Ali G movie the other night....
Big ups to my girlwho is now a MMMaster. Well deserved. Congrats Vee!
Big ups to my dad who celebrated his 50some birthday yesterday. Love you dad!
Big ups to my husband who will celebrate his 30some birthday tomorrow. He'll be the new owner of a Playstation 3. Can't wait to see his expression when he opens it.

This is getting quite long so I'm out for now.

{PS} The above image is just a sample of what I will be offering through my Etsy store which will hopefully be up by the holiday weekend. To celebrate my act of motivation towards my creative goals, I'm giving away a 5x5 print of your choice. Ttv photos ofcourse. Just post something here like, "I'm really into this now" or "Yo, I like your pictures". I'll pick a winner on Tuesday, September 2nd.