oh, and happy friday.

totally borrowed that post title from one of my very favorite blogs, SFGIRLBYBAY. so very inspiring and original.
About my post the other day....I feel as though it may of been taken the wrong way by some. I tend to put thy foot in thy mouth more often than a normal person should. I don't apologize for writing it but I do apologize for those of you who did read it. Probably something I should of just written in my moleskin. I'm sure I came of way bitchy about the "don't like it here, than leave" rant. Fact is, I was in a foul mood that day. I read something on the internet that pretty much topped off said foul mood. I didn't like the negativity that lingered in that post. What it comes down to is that I don't consider blogging to be a popularity contest. I'm going to leave it at that, k? :)

J and I had a fab time at the fair yesterday. Didn't start out so fab though. I was delighted at the thought of all the pretty ttv shots I would get......the locally grown flowers, the ferris wheel, all the odd things you'd find at a fair. I get out Argus, set up my contraption, stick the digi down, focus, snap. Go to look at what I had taken and then I see the message "No CF Card". *!@#. I was not a happy fair-goer. J felt so bad for me. It's all I talked about the past week. Of course not one single booth sold memory cards, not even the Radio Shack that carried a whole mess of cards except the one I needed. I had the biggest frown on my face but after some beer battered halibut and a few purchases, I felt better about the whole deal. Plus it was J's birthday and I couldn't go on being a party pooper.

How good is it that today is Friday and it's a going to be a long weekend? Good indeed. I've got so much I want to do. Winter isn't far off so it's all about cleaning the garage, getting the heater turned on, some lawn work and possible car shopping. There's a lot of good car deals up here right now and I want to take advantage of it. I'm going with the mindset of "I don't really need a new car but if the price is right, I'm sold". Dreading the sales part but my bro's got some connections so it shouldn't be too bad. Plus I'm ok with walking away. Not before where I shared a vehicle with my husband and desperately needed/wanted my own mode of transportation. Wish me luck! Hopefully by my next post, I'll be in a shiny, new car.

Oh and before I move onto actual work, I want to remind you that I am giving away one of my prints that I will be selling on Etsy. Just leave me a comment here or the post below. I'll pick a weeener Sept 2nd. :) Here's a few more peeks of what I'll be offering.

Etsy 1

Enjoy the holiday weekend!