it's that time again.


I totally jumped on the bandwagon and picked up a copy of The Satorialist. I'm not even going to pretend I knew about Scott Schuman's blog for years. I just recently found him when the book was released and the popular blogs were professing their love for his simple but complex photographs of some chic person on a street in some chic city.  Sarcasm aside, I fully vested myself into this stocky book which by the way, feels so great in my hands. I can truly appreciate the art of self expression. What is fashion with it?


I went through TB withdrawals over Labor day weekend so I started in on the season 1 dvd set I purchased awhile back. I was saving to watch it after season 2 ended but I needed my fix.

The warmth of falleverclaritytones

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fall. don't we all?

blogging in my favorite Element sweater and watching football with j.

happy weekend,