girl gives opinion on cheap photography.


Many of you know i'm trying to break through as a photographer.
There's still a lot to learn. I don't want to be just another gal who buys herself an expensive digital camera and calls herself a pro.
A pro i am not.
What i am is passionate, creative and driven when it comes to photography.
I'm taking on my first wedding next month and although i'm nervous, I'm that much more excited. I
know not every photo taken will be worthy of a bridal magazine although I secretly hope to at least publish some of my photos on a certain wedding blogs. I know that my natural ability to capture something creative and unique will shine through.
I've been spending a little time scoping out other Anchorage area photographers and there are a handful that are well known and very good at what they do.
What i'm having an issue with are those I find on Craigslist.
Those who use the title "cheap wedding photography". This bothers me to no end. It completely devalues the art of photography and what it stands for.
Out of curiosity, I also checked out the photos they linked to their "cheap photography" and it is just that,
cheap photography.
So don't be fooled. if you feel the need to not spend the money on a photographer or seeking out someone who is less expensive due to less experience, be cautious. There are a lot of newbies out there with emerging talent, like myself. :) but I would not classify my photography as "cheap". I hold a lot of value in my photographs and what they mean to not only myself but to the person I am photographing.

That said, I am currently accepting clients for the upcoming spring/summer season.
My first love is working with newborns and children. I am not taking on any more weddings as this point as I want to see how my first 2 will pan out. Weddings are experimental for my portfolio.
Any other requests such as family, engagements, and Senior portraits are welcome. I also love working with still life and photo styling so if you have shop/bakery/cafe/clothing store you would liked photographed for a website, I'm your woman. Or maybe not. I have a specific style of photography that may not appeal to you. That's ok.
Hopefully I'll have some kind of portfolio up soon. You can view my Flickr page for now.
Contact me at for pricing.