girl loves friday!

Good morning or afternoon to some of you.
Thank you so much for all your congrats and love yesterday.
It's so exciting to share this with all of you!
The shock has sort have worn off but the excitement and pure joy is still emanating through my body.
Maybe because it's all new again.
I sifted through my stash of fabrics, hunting a new color scheme for the young mr.
I'm headed to Baby Gap to return the girls clothes in exchange for boys clothes. Hopefully the clerk won't laugh in my face when I tell her the reason for returning the skinny jeans and bright pink onesie.
And I do need to go through my registries and delete a few things. :)
All is good.

Onto girl loves.

This photo just screams summer. (+)


My mouth drools immensely when I imagine biting into a Kogi taco. I've never had one but I know the taste of Korean food and I know these are damn good. (found here) (kogi)

(pause. had to go and get something to eat)

I really liked the article featuring the Kogi taco truck along with several other food wagons.
I've always had sort of a dream to find a cool food truck to decorate and hustle good simple food out of.
Who knows, maybe one day.

Love because this seems about the most I can accomplish in a day. (+)
This digital kit that I purchased this week. No, I've never digi scrapped but this kit makes me want to try. More on digi next week. 


happy weekend!